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Anup Patel  
#1 Posted : 24 June 2016 10:17:14(UTC)
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Hi All, Richard Jones - IOSH Head of Policy and Public Affairs - has prepared the official IOSH statement on Brexit. Please find below statements for both IOSH stakeholders, and the media. Thanks, Anup
Brexit – IOSH statement for stakeholders: As a chartered professional body, charity and international NGO, IOSH has global reach and has remained entirely neutral on UK membership of the European Union. Now that the referendum result is known to be that the UK will leave the EU, our aim is to help ensure that health and safety standards are protected and enhanced during the resulting period of change and under any new trading arrangements that may be developed. IOSH is exceptionally well-placed to do this, as we have members all over the world, including in most European Member States. We are also active members of ENSHPO (European Network of Occupational Safety and Health Professional Organisations), as well as supporting health and safety improvements in the accession countries and Balkan network. In addition, IOSH has long-standing and positive working relations with European institutions, working as partners on Europe-wide campaigns and engaging with European research and training networks. We will continue to lead and assist our members and fellow professionals across Europe and beyond – working to support organisations and improve health and safety management worldwide. IOSH believes that effective regulation, socially responsible business practices and applied international standards can all help support good health and safety performance. As well as saving lives, they can also strengthen reputation, resilience and results – essential during periods of significant change and uncertainty. Richard Jones Head of Policy and Public Affairs IOSH
Brexit - IOSH statement for media: IOSH Head of Policy and Public Affairs Richard Jones said: “Post-Brexit, the UK now has less influence over EU law. Now we’re exiting, it’s vital the UK continues to apply our successful risk-based health and safety system, which includes laws from EU directives, because it’s been found to be fit for purpose by several independent reviews and is respected and imitated across the world. “IOSH will continue to promote agreed international standards and to defend against any erosion of health and safety protections. “As UK organisations will want to continue to trade with Europe, it will be in everyone’s interest to maintain the status quo. “The UK has already helped to influence sound foundations for European health and safety and beyond and our expertise will continue to be sought and valued.”

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#2 Posted : 27 June 2016 22:19:36(UTC)
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Clearly our international links to members will become even more important in the UK's post EU existence. We need to see how we can improve the effectiveness of our groups so that we can maintain our influence on world safety and how it will impact on safety in the UK.
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jge149 on 25/07/2017(UTC)
#3 Posted : 26 May 2017 11:36:05(UTC)
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Although we need to keep up to with improvements to H&S across a wide world enviroment, Iosh should not as an Institute put forward political views or views that can be misinterpreted regards bh

#4 Posted : 11 June 2018 14:54:15(UTC)
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At the moment words are just words and that applies to statements being issued - nobody know the final outcome and unless parliment is being lobbyed then words are just words at the moment -

#5 Posted : 05 October 2018 09:02:08(UTC)
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stop moaning out is out..  the rest of europe isnt interested what comes out of Brussels..  the uk only puppy to toe their line..  we arer better than that, lets break free and get back to uk rules and regulations..  stop the moaners moaning.. 

UK first

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