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#1 Posted : 27 February 2018 19:08:58(UTC)
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So I still haven't had any luck with landing a Health and Safety Role although I am GradIOSH, however I don't want to give up and I am going to continue my studies in the same field, I want to gain ISO knowledge but I'm boggled as there's quite a few I've seen, there's 9001 then another few and also an Ohsas one. My question is which one would be a unique/important one and which scheme is it accredited by? Just like I'm a member of iosh is there any accreditation or scheme and course which is best?
Jonathan Hughes  
#2 Posted : 27 February 2018 23:35:27(UTC)
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Jonathan Hughes

Hi, please send me a DM with your contact details and I’ll call you to discuss your options and talk through the details of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001. Best regards, Jonathan
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hardworkingdude on 28/02/2018(UTC)
#3 Posted : 27 February 2018 23:37:36(UTC)
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First, you should understand the meaning of the different standards.

For example, ISO 9001 Management system, ISO 14001 Environmental Management... etc

For safety, until now you had OSHA 18001 however from March you will have a new standard, ISO 45001.

I'll advise going for a training on the ISO 45001. Please, come back with your finding, I want to get a training as well.

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hardworkingdude on 28/02/2018(UTC)
#4 Posted : 28 February 2018 08:52:19(UTC)
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OK.  The ISO standards you are most likely to find useful are 45001 (which has not yet been released), 14001 (environment) and 9001 (quality management - that is, a system for providing to the customer whatever it is they should be getting).

The bad news is that these standards are not available free, and to get hold of the text legitimately you either need to buy it at significant expense or attend a course which includes the text in the training materials.

Now the good news is that all three standards are very similar to each other although they have different subject matter.  Each one sets out some broad things that you have to do, then it is up to your organisation how you implement them.  The things that are common across all the standards include planning what you need to do, monitoring through methods such as internal audit, ensuring the competence of people doing work that can impact on the aims, communicating with interested parties, management responsibility and so on.  Then there are some specifics such as hazard identification in the individual standards.

There are a number of accredited organisations that will carry out external audits to certify an organisation's management system to one or more of these standards.  The best known is BSI but there are others. 

There are a range of courses available covering introduction to these management systems, implementing them, and auditing them.  I suggest the best thing for you would be an introductory course on ISO 45001, once the thing has been released which should be very soon.

I know that BSI run a full set of the courses I've mentioned, and I imagine the other accredited bodies do something similar.

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chris42 on 28/02/2018(UTC), hardworkingdude on 28/02/2018(UTC)
#5 Posted : 28 February 2018 09:54:40(UTC)
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Agree with Kate and as she said the standards are set out in a similar way. There is more (free) info around for ISO9001 Quality Assurance Management system than the others. It is worth looking at the ISO site (Also if you do consider buying the Standards NB over £100 each, it is cheaper to buy from ISO than BSI).

We have just (last week had our transition audit to the 2015 version of the standards and I found the following web site of use.


This is an interesting presentation if you look for it part way down the page.

"A summary of the changes, and on the revision of ISO 9001:2015"

It discusses each clause. The other ones are good also.

I would suggest if possible finding a way of reading the standards ( a few times) before you go on any course so you can ask pointed questions. They will be copywrite, but if you know someone with them you would be allowed to read (just not copy).

There was a (free) consultation document for ISO45001 Via IOSH web site at one point which will be mostly what the final version will be. It is possible not available anymore.

Sadly, as with everything else in H&S experience of implementation counts more than actual qualifications!




#6 Posted : 28 February 2018 16:37:48(UTC)
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Had a lovely chat with Jonathan Hughes who took the time out to call me and discuss my options, I'm now going to go into the Nebosh quals and look at nebosh construction/fire etc which was his advice, thankyou all for your kind and supportive words. Thankyou
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