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#1 Posted : 11 January 2020 16:17:44(UTC)
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Passed Part A, Chuffed.  Read Part B - Seemed ok.  However, one of the questions is making me doubt myself, mainly because of the lack of detail in it - which leaves it open for me.  I thought I knew exactly what was being asked but now i'm not sure - but i dont know if i am overthinking . . . .Agggghhh . . i think panic has set in.

The question is 2 lines long 30 words - one part.  I had structered an answer plan based on the element of the syllabus it was from, but when i keep going back to see if my answer meets the question I'm concerned that I am answering incorrectly and not specifically enough to the words in the question.  50 marks for a one part anwer is what keeps throwing me.

I obviously dont want any answers thats not the issue - but if anyone out there that has already gone through this process has any advice they could give me diretly would be appreciated - I also dont want to post the question either.   I get the actoin word, thats no problem - is there any benefit in contacting someone at IOSH for Advice???  Thanks in Advance all.

#2 Posted : 16 January 2020 08:08:45(UTC)
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Achieved CMIOSH last year and if I recall part B questions were simply setting a scene or situation and asking you to decribe that in terms of relevant legislation, case law, risk and control.  For example if they were asking about corporate manslaughter then you can refer to case law and how that legislation developed.  Not easy to be specific without knowing the questions you have been presented with, and even if we did we would not be able to be specific or to help you answer specifics.

All they're looking for is that you know the subject and are competent, so have confidence in yourself is my advice; if you've come this far you'll probably be okay.  A challenge for part B was the limitation of words in the answer, so don't waffle, be precice and answer what the questions ask.  Good luck :-)

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#3 Posted : 16 January 2020 13:20:55(UTC)
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Thanks MaxPayne!  You hit the nail on the head - its the word count thats killing me while trying to get 50 marks worth of answers in 700 words but still having it be a DISCUSSS action word!! really hard.  knowing the answer is the easy bit!  Hey ho!  Whats the worse that can happen :-) 

#4 Posted : 18 February 2020 09:28:40(UTC)
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Specifically on that application of correct case law as I’m also doing part B, one question down so just on my second.... Can you use civil case law in court to argue in criminal cases where it is an alleged statute breach? I have an answer framed in my head with some notes but I cant track down a clear cut answer on that. The syllabus contains mostly civil, so I’d have to find none syllabus criminal case law which doesn’t seem right? Thanks And sorry to hijack
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