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#1 Posted : 26 October 2021 12:04:14(UTC)
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Hi All

Considering going self employed next year as a consultant but as ive always been employed the thought of taking this big step is a little scary.

Is there anyone out there that would be willing to offer some direct advice/mentor me when i do take the plunge ?

Im NEBOSH dip and a Grad member of IOSH with experince in utilities and consctruction although these roles have included office and warehouse responsibilities.Have worked in the fire and security sectors too.I've just enrolled to obtain a teaching qualification in january just to give clients confidence in my training abilities.

I have tried to be prepared by building some funds to support me for a few months whilst the business/client base grows.

Just not sure where to start building a client base, accounts etc.

Any advise appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Ian Bell2  
#2 Posted : 26 October 2021 17:12:23(UTC)
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Ian Bell2

Sales, sales, sales, sales, sales, sales

Doing the work is the easy bit. Getting sales leads is the hard bit.

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Tony100 on 27/10/2021(UTC)
Gerry Knowles  
#3 Posted : 27 October 2021 10:32:32(UTC)
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Gerry Knowles

My experience was that I had been made redundant from a large multi-national company.  I decided that perhaps it was time to put my feet up, play golf and generally do what retired people do.  After six weeks I decided that perhaps it was time to get back to work.  So I decided that I would phone a few local companies to see if they want some help with their Health, safety and Environmental issues.  The third phone call got me my first consultancy job.  So I set up as a sole trader.  The first job quickly led to another then another.  My first real break was getting some insurance liability work with a major insurer.  After three years the whole thing became to big for me fortunately a friend and colleague was made redundant form her job so we decided to set up a risk management company, from there things expanded very quickly and the work rolled in.  In the end we were working for muntinational companies, national companies and small businesses, and across a wide range sectors.  The trouble is that in the end with a habit of always saying yes, it can get out of control and you are too busy.  I had my moment at 04:30 one morning in Bristol airport when I was flying off for another week of travelling, factories, horels and hire cars.  So I eventually after 12 years decided to retire and take things a bit easier.  It was fun but it can be stressful and it can have an effect on your relationships. So message is go for it, build yourself a good reputation, and using that gain work (we never advertised), but don't take on more than you can deal with, don't be afraid to bottom slice your clients.  Make sure that you and your relationships are in good order.  Most of all have fun and enjoy the benefits. 

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Tony100 on 27/10/2021(UTC), Kate on 27/10/2021(UTC)
#4 Posted : 27 October 2021 14:55:27(UTC)
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I've just seen that IOSH have a webinar on this topic on 5 November.

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CptBeaky on 27/10/2021(UTC), pseudonym on 28/10/2021(UTC), Tony100 on 28/10/2021(UTC)
#5 Posted : 17 November 2021 08:22:42(UTC)
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and you having just taken the leap you find that IR35 is forcing most back to employed status...HMRC is using a bazooka to swat a fly - trying to capture what was the CIS contractors not paying tax...now those of us that have never every been CIS and run our companies properly end up with scared clients putting everything inside IR35 rather than assuring themselves that the person they engage with is doing it correctly...this is of course specific to long and short term contracts but it will still feature is some form in your new career as as self employed...good luck :)

#6 Posted : 17 November 2021 08:34:46(UTC)
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Oh and having been to the webinar I thoroughly recommend it (I think a recording is available on the IOSH website).

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