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#1 Posted : 05 June 2017 22:10:39(UTC)
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Hi Folks,

I'm starting my N. Diploma in September (with SHEilds, in Hull - distance learning), could folks confirm if all the info I need is on the NEBOSH website - i.e past papers, examiners reports, revision info and particularly the newest N.Dip action verbs.

I want to start the ball rolling slowly and get up to speed gently!

Any help or guidance (by lerned peeps) appreciated!



(please PM if any info to share, appreciate it!)

#2 Posted : 07 June 2017 06:09:30(UTC)
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You can find  some past papers etc with google engine (only some) sorry i can not pm you due to Copyrighit 

Some articles about NOBOSH syllabus also published in Health and Safety and work Magazine, 


#3 Posted : 07 June 2017 07:18:01(UTC)
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You will find plenty of information on the Nebosh website:

Examiners reports - https://www.nebosh.org.u...t.asp?cref=1044&ct=2

Nebosh syllabus - https://www.nebosh.org.u...t.asp?cref=1574&ct=2

My advice (other than to study hard) would be to practice exam questions  - there are some at the end of the syllabus, and you can get good revision guides - and to pay attention to the syllabus at the beginning of each unit it gives a learning outcomes list, use these like exam questions.

If you practice exam questions it will prepare you well. Don't focus to much on the command words, they are common words in the english language and take on no superior meaning here; as long as you read the question properly you will be fine.

Not sure of your background but if you havent done the Nebosh Cert then a text book such as: https://www.amazon.co.uk...words=nebosh+certificate

will be good to read through between now and September.

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