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#1 Posted : 18 August 2017 13:08:54(UTC)
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Hi All,

I know there has already been a few threads on here briefly discussing the MSc programme at Loughborough. It's something I'm hoping to embark on in January. Is there anyone who has completed this programme (PGc, PGd and MSc) who is willing to share any learning material with me? I’m not asking for copies of your work, just perhaps some pre reading, suggested books or articles specifically helpful to the course, any useful course info etc. etc. which I may find useful to look through prior to starting.

I find the whole process a tad daunting, so Im trying to start early with the idea of making it that bit easier when the time comes.

Any thing will be helpfull, Thanks in advance. adam.leeman@sia-abrafoam.co.uk

Kind regards

#2 Posted : 26 September 2017 14:01:49(UTC)
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Hi Adam, i've just completed the MSc after 18 months study. There isnt anything you will require before starting really as you will be asked to do 2 pieces of project work, firstly a practical based project and then finally the research project and you will be able to choose the topics for both. So as you can guess people on my course choose a very wide variety of topics based on thier industry/sector type and work they were involved in. Best bit of advice i was given was to pick topics that you were working on currently or going to be and something which interests you, particualalry useful as you'll be wading through the academic research into these- and there'll be lots of it generally.

One thing that might be useful is reading books on research methodology/techniques and having it handy throughout, particularly in the research project for the second part of the course. I used this and found it pretty useful although other good reseacrh books are avaibale of course! https://smeikalbooks.co.uk/p/introduction-research-methods-4e-9781845283674

It appeared daunting to me too but i have to say the structure of the course and support is great, meeting new students helps too and quality of lectures certainly clears things up and made me feel at ease. Enjoy it and hope you do well.



#3 Posted : 10 February 2018 11:09:24(UTC)
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Dear Kelou,

Thank you for responding to simplesafety's post. 

Sorry for bugging you here. I'm reaching out because I know you are one of the few professionals that can give me needed advise. I'm about to take up my MSc in Occupational Health and Safety at the university of LOUGHBOROUGH. Sir, I need your advise and explanation on these two key issues where my project and dissertation would base on.

1.An evidence-based project of 6 months’ duration requiring an in-depth study of one aspect of occupational health and safety management in an appropriate work environment. You will make an initial proposal as to the content of your project and discuss this with your supervisor to ensure it is suitable. You will be required to present a project report of up to 12,000 words.

2. An original research project of 12 months’ duration. As with the practical project, its suitability will be discussed with your supervisor. At the end of this period you will be required to submit a thesis of up to 20,000 words.

Please what is the main requirement for 1 and what is the main requirement for 2 is there any idea on some topics for 1 and 2? I know there would be an explanation(s) during university induction and research work explanation but I want to have full understanding and probably start some research beforehand. Your support would be highly appreciated. Regards,

The link you provided was broken or does not exist anymore. Please help


#4 Posted : 15 February 2018 20:28:35(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

Denscombe 'the good research guide'.

Strongly recommend this book

#5 Posted : 13 March 2018 09:08:03(UTC)
Rank: New forum user

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