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#1 Posted : 06 December 2019 20:42:34(UTC)
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Sorry for the double post, I accidentally pressed "Post" when trying to upload an image (which isn't working btw).

Can anyone provide some examples of how to calculate the maximum allowed quantity of Class 1 (explosives) for carriage on an Ex/II and Ex/III transport unit?

I'm referring to section in the ADR ( https://adrbook.com/en/2017/ADR/ ). I guess it's pretty straightforward as long as there are only substances belonging to one division and compatibility group on the transport unit.

But when there are multiple ones, the wording is quite fuzzy and confusing:

Where substances and articles of different divisions of Class 1 are loaded on one transport unit in conformity with the prohibitions of mixed loading contained in, the load as a whole shall be treated as if it belonged to the most dangerous division (in the order 1.1, 1.5, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 1.4).​​​​​​​

For example, let's say I have 4000kg classified as 1.2 and 500kg classified as 1.5. The maximum amount for 1.2 is 3000kg, but because 1.5 is "more dangerous" than 1.2, the whole load should be treated as 4500 kg classified as 1.5, which is within the limit of 5000 kg for 1.5. This doesn't make any sense - if I unload the 500kg of 1.5 I am over the limit!

Obviously I must be making some mistake, because it simply makes no sense that the maximum allowed amount can increase when loading more explosives on the transport unit...

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