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#41 Posted : 16 November 2020 13:25:03(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: John Murray Go to Quoted Post

"Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 55,311 COVID-19
deaths registered in England and Wales, up to 23 October 2020 (30,542
men and 24,769 women).

The majority of deaths involving COVID-19 have been among people aged 65 years and over (49,420 out of 55,311)"


  • In age groups up to and including 60-69, fewer than 1 in 1,000 people have died from coronavirus.
  • Age 70-79, it’s 2 in every 1,000 people.
  • Age 80-89, it’s 7 in every 1,000 people.
  • Age 90 and over, it’s 18 people in every 1,000 people.
  • Males have a higher risk in every age group than females.


The real risk for older people is that younger people see this kind of data and think that because this means there is a limited risk to THEMSELVES the Covid Laws/rules/guidelines don't apply to them.

The old people aren't just passing it around between themselves and everyone else dosent have to worry.

[Some] younger people who can't see past their own noses, their own wallets or their own liberties pass it along the infection chain until it reaches the old or vulnerable.  At which point, it can become a death sentence that could have been either avoided or the likelihood dramatically reduced.

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biker1 on 16/11/2020(UTC)
John Murray  
#42 Posted : 16 November 2020 16:24:24(UTC)
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John Murray

I just wonder how many old[er] people have been deliberately infected to speed-up the inheritance process...

Then there are the ones who go around "coughing" over people to scare them.
And police/etc being spat at.

Generally, society seems to be set on a course that is fast breeding resentment towards the elderly/sick/disabled.

I went to the hospital for a blood test last week, along with a large proportion of the town. The clinic has 25 well-spaced seats inside, and a 100 metre + well-spaced queue outside. General Practitioners have ceased doing in-house blood sampling now, so guess where the patients end-up? In a long queue. With most being in the 60+ range. I looked, and departed. Blood test versus common sense.

I went to a local retail park last night for a coffee, drive-in-and-collect, or walk-in-and-collect. At the far-end, there is usually a week-end meeting for the local, and not-so-local young people and their cars. Since it is "lockdown" you would expect it to be at least reduced. Nope. Packed to the rafters. Nobody is taking this seriously anymore.....let alone the govt, who are apparently going to deliberately infect a number of people with sars-cov-2 to test vaccines.

The world has lost its collective marbles.

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biker1 on 16/11/2020(UTC)
#43 Posted : 16 November 2020 16:53:44(UTC)
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I have been criticised on another forum for comparing the attitude of many in this pandemic to that of people in the wars. I think the comparison is poignant, however. We recently commemorated all of the people who gave their lives to defend this country, most of them young people. Fast forward to today, and large numbers of young people are attendng raves and street parties, huddling together in protests, and generally doing all they can to spread the virus. They are focused on what they want to do, and to hell with everyone else. The idea of risking their lives for their country would be completely alien to them. Lots of young people are doing commendable things, but lots of them aren't, and the 'me, me' mentality will be the undoing of whatever precautions/restrictions we put in place.

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Mark-W on 17/11/2020(UTC)
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