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#1 Posted : 19 April 2022 10:11:05(UTC)
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Critically analyse health and safety loss events that require formal investigation in relation to systems and procedures

er havent I already done that in the 3 questions above?

Have put stuff like 

Whenever there has been a loss event or potential loss event there has usually been a failure of the system/procedures in some way. Whether that is failure to supervise in order to ensure the procedures are being followed, a by-pass of the safe systems of work such as a guard removal or other 'short-cut’ or lack of training and understanding of why they need to be adhered to.

You need to review all of the systems/procedures/risk assessments following this to try and identify why it happened.

Obviously need another 2/300 words saying the same thing am I on the right track or have my brains turned to mush because it appears we have to make every question really wordy?

#2 Posted : 19 April 2022 11:03:37(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

Could it be that they want you to critically analyse some detailed examples?

peter gotch  
#3 Posted : 19 April 2022 12:26:57(UTC)
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peter gotch

Hi Melliker

I think it would help if you provided context.

What type of test is this Q from and what were the "3 questions above"?

I could see more than one way of looking at the Q posed.

As example, one answer would be about deciding which events to (formally) investigate and, perhaps, how to decide on the level of detail that investigations should go into.

All too often the depth of investigations might be determined on the basis of the actual severity of outcome(s) rather than considering what the reasonable potential severity might have been.

...and looking at your draft response, perhaps the systems and procedures are not good enough.


#4 Posted : 19 April 2022 18:44:18(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

It does read more like a learning objective than a question that has an answer!

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A Kurdziel on 22/04/2022(UTC)
A Kurdziel  
#5 Posted : 22 April 2022 10:16:29(UTC)
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A Kurdziel

If that is a question,  it is a very poor question and essentially unanswerable. Far from being too wordy it consists of too few words which have not been put into any context. Who set this rubbish?

Why are   some people  scared of plain English? Using phrases like “Critically analyse” “loss events” and “formal investigation” does not make you sound clever just someone hiding behind jargon.

Everybody has their own version of what these things might mean and unless you expect people to simply repeat verbatim things that they have been taught why can’t you simply spell out what you are on about.

Rant over


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RVThompson on 22/04/2022(UTC), peter gotch on 22/04/2022(UTC)
#6 Posted : 22 April 2022 13:40:55(UTC)
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See the source image

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A Kurdziel on 22/04/2022(UTC)
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