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#1 Posted : 28 September 2000 22:39:00(UTC)
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Posted By David Duffill
My daughter works as a check-out girl/cashier at a small local supermarket. She works an 8 hour day with morning, lunch and afternoon breaks. She is obliged to stand all the time she is at the till, and I wondered whether anyone knows if there is any legislation concerning these working conditions?
#2 Posted : 29 September 2000 08:47:00(UTC)
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Posted By Ken Taylor
Regulation 11 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 state '(3) A suitable seat shall be provided for each person at work in the workplace whose work includes operations of a kind that the work (or a substantial part of it) can or must be done sitting.'
This does leave some room for judgement and you could discuss the particular case with your local EHO or HSE office. Every supermarket I visit seems to provide seats!
#3 Posted : 29 September 2000 14:46:00(UTC)
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Posted By Brian
Research on whether to stand or be seated at checkouts indicates upper limb loads are reduced when standing but that a seat should be provided enabling operators to have a choice. The use of suitable sit-stand stools may be a way forward for some checkouts.

The following publication may week be helpful for you, available from HSE Books tel:

* Checkouts and Musculoskeletal Disorders HSE Books, 1998, IND(G) 269.

Of prime importance, is that the employer should have carried out a suitable and sufficient risk asessment of this work activity and implemented a safe working practice, based on any risk reduction recommendations.

#4 Posted : 02 October 2000 20:31:00(UTC)
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Posted By Joe McNicholas

Try visiting http://www.healthandsafety.co.uk/hscd.html.

It gives some good detail on checkouts and musculoskeletal disorders. My wife works on checkouts and I found the information useful.

Best regards

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