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#1 Posted : 06 October 2000 12:05:00(UTC)
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Posted By Mark Preston
I'd be interested to hear from anyone (particularly MAPS folk) who has published their safety policies, manuals, guidance etc on their corporate intranets - particularly HTML (web) based stuff - and how far they see this replacing the reams of paper so many of us cause to be consumed.
(I've just done this, but until our IS people get their act together it's being served from my machine, so I can't show it to you, but if there's enough interest I could write a short paper on how I did it)

PS - at the risk of alienating a few of you - as committed web-head I think your new forum format's excellent
#2 Posted : 06 October 2000 14:56:00(UTC)
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Posted By Laurie

Thank the Lord for your PS!!

So do I; I was beginning to think I was the only one!

Laurie Richards
#3 Posted : 06 October 2000 16:50:00(UTC)
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Posted By peter gotch
Dear Mark,

We have published a range of stuff on our Intranet, including our HSW Manual, examples of CDM documentation, and information to help staff who are dealing with Bids and Prequalification documents.

The latter includes a Statement of H&S Competence which deals with most of our clients' questions, together with reactive statistics.

Other info on our Intranet includes the Group's QMS, and marketing materials, eg project description sheets.

All these are saving our Corporate Services staff considerable time.

#4 Posted : 07 October 2000 09:52:00(UTC)
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Posted By John Donaldson

This is the approach many are using in the HE sector where most employees and students have access to computers and SUPER JANET.

Given the volume of paper we used to distribute and the problems of ensuring everyone has access to the latest updates it has to be the way forward.

Some of our Academic Departments also publish their internal guidance on our intranet.

One big discussion is whether this information should be available on the public internet. Some have solved this problem by having information such as the Safety Policy available on the internet but the more local information, such as named post holder contact information, only available on the intranet.

If you want to have a look at some typical university safety pages have a look at the USA web page http://www.kingston.ac.uk/hasweb/ and follow the members link.
#5 Posted : 07 October 2000 22:17:00(UTC)
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Posted By Stuart Nagle

Yes. This is the way ahead.

My Company have an intranet system which has been up and running for some 24 months now.

Geographically, we are dispersed across the whole of the UK as well as extending overseas. We obviously carry a great deal of paperwork, and are required to work to stringent client requirements, particularly in respect of Government contracts.

Our entire system is now based on the electronic format, rather than hard copies, and covers everything we do, from standard QA forms, policies, H&S, Training aids, to intergrated communications - person to person across the company.

A great benefit, but initially costly. However, we are already reaping the rewards in cost savings on paper and reproduction in respect of up-dates, new items, reviews etc etc...

I know many are phobic of electronic systems, it is said that one of my colleagues picked up a mouse, pointed it at the display screen, clicked it and wondered why nothing happened !!! however, once persons become familiar, have proper training and find out just how easy life can be with such systems, all the objections and phobias seem to fall aside.

As a good example, this site has dramatically improved communication between participants... Yes it is much improved.

Stuart Nagle.
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