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#1 Posted : 26 July 2001 07:23:00(UTC)
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Posted By Ian Harper
We are required to put up large numbers of rugby posts and I am interested in how other orgainstations deal with the risks.

I am aware of alloy and telescopic types, but what sort of short term measures can be adopted to protect workers who are required to erect the large wooden and steel types?

Are there any procedures about?
#2 Posted : 26 July 2001 09:21:00(UTC)
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Posted By Ken Urquhart
Hi Ian,

The smug answer migh be "Get The British Lions to help you", that way they might be a bit better at finding the Try line or where to kichk the ball in the next series 12 years hence.

It was a good series though and out here in Honkers we had three eatrly Saturday evenings of lively match viewing, downing a few VB's as well, (The Aussie's will know what that is) with our Antipodean Ex Pat community friends, (and enemies - just kidding); The Kiwis despite their Governments calls for closer economic and othr relations with Australia, were for the most part supporting the Lions, which was nice, but of course this partisanship revealed the intense rivalry between them and there near neighbours in Rugby terms anyway. (Memories for them of The Bledeslow Cup, (NZ) that is.)

Now to the substance of your question.

It is a long time since I was involved with works that included erection of Goal and Rugby Goal posts of the Timber variety.
It was on large open Education Dept., and University grounds and we were able comfortably to get a Hiab lorry loader vehicle to the location.
Occassionally needed Trackway and outriggers, fully blocked and packed for stability.
Nylon Web slings on the poles and they were simply raised from the bed of the Hiab truck and lowered into the erection holes which had ben pre-drilled by a Tractor mounted auger borer, after a CAT survey and check for underground srvices; Sports ground Floodlight supplies and Water/irrigation supplies and lines.
Also an Overhead survey beforehand - watch out for Overhead lines - Electric conductors etc.,
The cross bars were then attached using a small MEWPL.
Fairly simple stuff.
I expect that these days however there are as you say posts and sets made of newer and lighter materials and probably other ways of installing/erecting/handling them.
Modern lightweight posts might require more delicate means of slinging too to prevent damage to the posts.
Why not try the FA or HQ at Twickenham. There must be Safety systems and advice available for such matters from these bodies I would have thought.
And your local ground, why not talk to the Ground staff at Carrow Road!!!!

Nice to see that you are alive and kicking and continuing to contribute to the discussions.
Hope this information helps.
Keep in touch.
#3 Posted : 27 July 2001 11:04:00(UTC)
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Posted By Mark Dutton
have you thought about contacting a rugby/football club. There are several who double up for both football and rugby and they must go through this procedure weekly during the season. I am particularly thinking of two teams, Wigan at the JJB and Halifax at the Shay.I would have thought they would be willing to help.I know that Wigan have a safety officer and they must have an assessment and systems in place to do this.Wigan's number is 01942 774000.
Good luck.

#4 Posted : 27 July 2001 11:46:00(UTC)
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Posted By Ken Taylor
Our Grounds Staff used to use a 'gadget' that replaces the front bucket on a tractor - but found that the roller was taking the paint off the posts. They now replace the bucket with a secured padded bar. Ladders are used for the cross-bar.
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