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#1 Posted : 06 August 2019 08:22:52(UTC)
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Thanks for reading... 

Currently in an ESH role within the construction industry, specifically on the PC/Client side (company i work for always take the client role as the work is always for ourselves and we either brings in a company to PC or it'll go to our construction department to fufil).

Either way my day to day is mainly on the operational side of things, ensuring compliance whatever role we take, CDM, company arrangements etc etc etc. 

Question is this, What would be the main differences for PD CDM advisory type role vs that of a PC Safety role, interms of day to day activities, workload?  (PD roles "seem" to pay more than the other and are oftern called CDM consultants, i wondered why this would be)

Many thanks in advance. 

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peter gotch  
#2 Posted : 07 August 2019 15:35:01(UTC)
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peter gotch

What do the PDs and the PCs do on your projects?

Might give you a clue as to what people supporting these functions do on a day to day basis.

#3 Posted : 10 August 2019 11:24:47(UTC)
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The PD and PC roles vary considerably depending on the size and complexity of the project. That said, for minor works it is quite possible the same organisation could take on the two roles without any real problem.

I suggest you review the HSE's CDM guidance L153 for a better understanding of the two roles.

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