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#1 Posted : 05 July 2024 10:13:38(UTC)
Rank: New forum user

Hello all,

1st time poster here.

I have a 3 day IOSH course booked for october 2024, but in the meantime i'd like to be a bit proactive and attempt doing a RA for CNC machinary in a joinery workshop.

My question is to the very knowlegdable people of this forum, if you have 2 machines the same as 1 another, but 1 machine has a safety pressure matt and the other has safety "cushions" fitted to it as a safety feature. Can i compile it in to 1 RA covering both machines or is it best to split it and do 2 RA?

Might sound like a silly question but i'd like to try and get it right 1st time around.

I look forward to your responses,



#2 Posted : 05 July 2024 10:54:23(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

It's not at all silly but a very good question to start with before diving in. In reality there is no right or wrong for this and it's whatever suits your taste and the particular circumstances. 

Which makes more sense may depend on what if any interaction or interface there is between the two machines.  For example, are there some jobs that are better suited to one machine than to the other (so that a choice may need to be made of which machine to use), and does it matter if both are run at the same time (in terms of noise, extraction, working space and so on). 

I wouldn't call it a risk assessment for a CNC machine (or for CNC machines), but for CNC machining.

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#3 Posted : 05 July 2024 11:15:14(UTC)
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Thanks for the reply Kate, i appreciate it!

I'd say both machines are like for like, just that ones newer than he other. The "older" machine has the safety pressure matting and the "newer" machine has the bumper cushions for safety features.

The newer machine has a mini conveyor to take away the dust and chippings to the extractor system, where as the older version needs to be manually cleaned which i'd also add in to RA. These are the only 2 real differences in the machines.

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