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#1 Posted : 26 June 2021 16:05:37(UTC)
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Can anyone help with an answer to this question please? Im unsure when its from but exams are fast approaching and you never can tell. Ive never seen this

a) Outline causes of undesirable electric arcs (3)

(b) Describe risks associate with electric arcs (3)

(c) Outline measures that are necessary to control the electrical risks from the use of: (i) portable generators (2) (ii) MIG welding apparatus (2)

peter gotch  
#2 Posted : 27 June 2021 10:28:06(UTC)
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peter gotch


Plenty of guidance available from HSE and TWI (The Welding Institute) on welding risks.

As for portable generators, obviously there is an electric shock risk to consider but also potential for emission of dangerous exhaust emissions particularly in confined spaces environments. Again this is covered in HSE guidance.

#3 Posted : 28 June 2021 10:36:51(UTC)
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With electric arcs as used for welding most attention is focusse understandably on the risks of cancer from inhalation. However, there is another cancer risk due to the high level of UVC that is produced. This can result in skin damage and cancer. Whilst I see the face shield being worn, quite often the other clothing is unsuitable to protect the rest of the body against the UV radiation.

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#4 Posted : 05 July 2021 06:51:04(UTC)
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#5 Posted : 05 July 2021 13:41:55(UTC)
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peter gotch

I admit to a level of admiration (if that is the right word) for the "person" who hides an advert in the middle of a message that is largely relevant to the Q asked and broadly appropriate in the advice that is used to mask the advert.

Brand new culprit on these Forums but whether they are simply a reincarnation of another culprit, who knows? There's probably at least one regular on these Forums who would be capable of checking for the tell tale signs of links between this poster and another.

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