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Lucian Muica  
#1 Posted : 09 December 2021 21:31:51(UTC)
Rank: New forum user
Lucian Muica

Hi all

Can anyone provide me some tips regarding how to answer each bullet point?

Unit 2_Element 1.4

Evaluate the statutory and workplace health and safety requirements relating to:

• input of products and/or services

• the conversion processes  - don't have any clue here :)

• output of products and/or services

• inadvertent, unwanted or unnecessary goods, materials and waste of all types

• employees, contractors and others affected by the organisation’s activities

Really apreciated and thanks!

peter gotch  
#2 Posted : 10 December 2021 13:08:57(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user
peter gotch

Hi Lucian

Given that they can't present in Plain English I am not suprised.

I think this element is about

1. Control of your supply chain - suppliers, contractors etc

2. Quality control of what comes in, how it it is "converted" i.e. your processes and what goes out

Conversion would include how the hazards and risks change during work.

So, as example you could mix two chemicals together to produce something with different properties (the hazards) and risks (the exposure).

....or you could buy things that are not sharp but create sharp things. Many decades ago I worked on a 400 tonne press making the blades of food mixers. The sheets we used were not particularly hazardous (a minor manual handling risk due to weight and in particular size/shape) but the product was less bulky but VERY sharp!

gordon j  
#3 Posted : 21 December 2021 11:39:27(UTC)
Rank: Forum user
gordon j


Not being funny here but isn't this what your assessor should be doing? Supplying you with advice and guidance? If that is not happening at all I am sure this is an appeals procedure that may prove interesting to you and would probably chivvy your assessor to support you on this

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