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#1 Posted : 14 July 2000 13:45:00(UTC)
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Posted By Stuart Nagle
Dear IOSH.

A big well done to all the staff who have obviously worked very hard to produce this excellent site.

I have registered with no problems, viewed and used the site, and very 'user friendly' it is too.

Well done.

Stuart Nagle.
#2 Posted : 14 July 2000 15:21:00(UTC)
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Posted By peter gotch
Sorry, IOSH, but this is not sufficiently user friendly. The "I agree" button needs to make it clearer that this is the one used for registration.

Also, why are we restricting access to those with an email address. Some of our staff will have access to the internet but not have a personal email address.

Seems to me that access restrictions will often make it difficult for those with most need to access the forum, eg those who are not H&S professionals, or those towards the lower end of their H&S learning curve.

#3 Posted : 14 July 2000 20:46:00(UTC)
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Posted By George A. Wood
Sorry to disagree Peter, but I actually found it user friendly, despite my, at times, ignorance of these electronic miracles.

The site is definately an improvement on the old one and I have identified that at least two of my moans on the old site have been addressed and rectiofied. However, I wanted to view the policy document on "Preparing young persons for a safer working life" after seeing mentioned in a news release and I could not find it on the site. Is this me, or is the Publication page not in sufficient dept?.
P.S. Where's the spellcheck for responses?
#4 Posted : 15 July 2000 19:34:00(UTC)
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Posted By Laurie
I agree with George. Time will tell whether the site is actually better, but first impressions are good. There can surely be very few people with access to the net who do not have an e-mail address. They are practically thrown at you whenever you log on!

Oh for a spellcvhecker!

#5 Posted : 17 July 2000 08:55:00(UTC)
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Posted By Phil Roberts

If you go into the Technical Information section of this web-site and then into Technical Info-sheets, you will find the document on young persons cleverly disguised as the 'Behavioural Safety - Kicking Bad Habits' infosheet.

Cunning Devils!


#6 Posted : 18 July 2000 14:50:00(UTC)
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Posted By Ed Carter
Who's got a pretty site then !!
Seriously I think IOSH's web persons have done well and that the new site is better than the original. I would get involved in the user friendly debate but having just forgotten to log in prior to trying to enter the fray, I've decided that "least said soonest forgotten" ! keep up the good work

Regards to all,
#7 Posted : 29 July 2000 07:40:00(UTC)
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Posted By Jim Baker
The new site seems alright to me. I've had no problems so far. I've read the various difficulties that people seem to be having, but I don't seem to be having them myself. Every new site must have teething problems.

The key thing, surely, is development and IOSH should be credited with that at least?


Jim Baker
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