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#1 Posted : 07 August 2001 11:21:00(UTC)
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Posted By E Cromarty
I have been asked to determine the advantages and disadvantages of in ear moulded hearing protection. My experience of this type of ear protection is that it is very good however some of our employees have been told that many companies are choosing not to use this type of ear defenders as they do not provide an appropriate level of protection. Any comments or explanation why people do not feel they are appropriate.
#2 Posted : 07 August 2001 14:10:00(UTC)
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Posted By Zyggy Turek
A lot depends on your Noise Level survey and your specific industry.

The survey should not only tell you the noise levels you have, but also the relative frequencies involved, and from this you can work out what level of noise attenuation you require, i.e. the standard of ear defender which will reduce the noise level down to at least 90dBA & below.

Ear plugs (& there are many varieties) generally tend to have higher levels of protection, but many find them uncomfortable and if you work in a dirty environment, there is always the chance of introducing an infection into the ear canal.

A further disadvantage is that all sound can be blocked out which may cause other safety issues such as communication or hearing alarms, vehicles, etc.

Don't get me wrong, there are many industries where ear plugs are ideal, so it's really down to "horses for courses" & a proper Noise Survey.
#3 Posted : 08 August 2001 20:01:00(UTC)
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Posted By Graham Carson
Hi Emma

If memory serves me right plugs tend to be better at attenuating low frequency noise. You might want to consider that when deciding on the best type of ear protection. Plus are these being used in the construction industry? Probably not a good idea due to the muck and dust and of course the expense.

Regards Graham
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