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#1 Posted : 06 September 2001 08:10:00(UTC)
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Posted By Pat Bass
I have recently visited an RAF Base and was informed not to use a mobile phone in the car unless it was connected to an external aerial.
The RAF assume a HERO ( Hazrad of Emitted Radiation to Ordanance)exists. The signel from the phone may initiate the car air bag if one was fitted ?

Does anyone have any advise ?
#2 Posted : 06 September 2001 08:47:00(UTC)
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Posted By Ken Taylor
Never heard of this. Try asking RoSPA Road Safety Division on 0121 248 2000.
#3 Posted : 06 September 2001 15:35:00(UTC)
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Posted By Keith Archer.

Hi Pat,

I have not heard of this before but feel that you were given this information to prevent any problems with equipment on the base see below.

Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordinance (HERO). Under some circumstances, certain ordinance components are susceptible to malfunction, burnout, dudding, or ignition when subjected to high-intensity radio frequency (RF) fields.

If it is true that mobile phones can activate airbags just think of the amount of accidents that would arise on the highway by people that use a mobile phone when driving.

#4 Posted : 06 September 2001 16:35:00(UTC)
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Posted By Jay Joshi
Keith's point is valid.

The signal strengths can be sufficient either individually or in combination to activate electro-explosive devices. Guidance on dealing with these matters is set out in BS 6657 GUIDE TO PREVENTION OF INADVERTENT INITIATION OF ELECTRO-EXPLOSIVE DEVICES BY RADIO-FREQUENCY RADIATION. As these places have storage of ordinance/explosives, it is a precautionary measure not to allow the use of unauthorised radiowaves-transmitting equipment.

Airbags, one FITTED do not pose this risk because of the way in which the device is fitted. HS(G)184,"Guidance on the handling, storage and transport of airbags and seat belt pretensioners" states ,"never expose airbag modules to excessive heat (over 90°C), impact, electrical current, electrostatic discharge, or radio frequency transmissions" . Nowhere in this guidance does it state of the possible risk of the airbags deploying because of the use of mobile phones in vehicles fitted with airbags

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