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#1 Posted : 11 September 2000 12:59:00(UTC)
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Posted By Uday
I am employed as a Safety man with an establishment that carries out pipeline construction in the oilfield industry.In order to promote a very high level of safety in this field of construction industry We would like to fix a benchmark for that project to win safety incentive ( cash amount ) for that particular project.Say for example....for every 2 million man hours worked safely...without any LTI's then X amount will be given to a project, which can then be distributed to the employees of that project only. Say, suppose there are LTI's ( less than 5 incidents on the project then X amount will be reduced... then,say for every 5 million manhours without any LTI's this amount will be approved and if LTI's more then 5 X amount will be reduced...The question is I wish to advise my management the benchmarking which should be reasonable, practicable and COMFORTABLE. I Therefore, would like to hear from anyone on an URGENT basis with regards to this query please.Any experience, pointers or even suggestions would be appreciated please.
#2 Posted : 12 September 2000 10:09:00(UTC)
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Posted By Bill Bircham
Whilst any incentive to improve safety performance is to be commended, a word of warning. There is a large body of evidence to suggest that schemes that focus upon accident figures work simply by encouraging under reporting. Imagaine a scenario of a manager/dept with only a few days to go in the reference period and an excellent record so far. Then there is an accident. Some managers will cover up the accident to ensure they get their 'bonus'. This attitiude pervades down to the workforce eventually, to the stage where peer pressure is brought into play, preventing even the honest employees from reporting.
If you must implement a cash based scheme, it is far better to develop one around the identification of cost effective safety improvement schemes, safer working practices etc.
This encourages positive employee involvement, rather than flagrant disregard for reporting procedures.

There is a wealth of information on the net available about such schemes and I would ask all contibutors to this forum to post replies with where this can be found - thus helping us all!

Hope this helps

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