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#1 Posted : 01 February 2001 14:52:00(UTC)
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Posted By Mick

Any member give guidance

I have recently taken a post with a small construction company.

Although some employees are permanent, there are some who leave the company at the end of short duration contract 1-2 months (contracts are not fixed term).

I believe under Personal Protection Equipment Regulations, Employers have to provide prescription safety glasses for employees, if there is a risk to their eye sight during normal day to day work activity.

Can any member advise the on the cost of the provision, and how thier companies deal with short term employees.

If possible any examples of a policy.

email - micks@psl-projects.demon.co.uk

#2 Posted : 01 February 2001 15:59:00(UTC)
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Posted By John Dodson
The PPE Regs do not stipulate that employers must provide prescription spectacles. Also prescription spectacles are only suitable for a limited range of hazards eg not suitable for chemical splash. You could provide eyeprotection to be worn over ordinary spectacles eg face shields, and some goggles.

Regards John
#3 Posted : 02 February 2001 12:38:00(UTC)
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Posted By John Webster
Prescription eye protection is available to cover a variety of hazards, both impact and chemical - companies such as ARCO (www.arco.co.uk) can supply. Due to cost, and the lead time for supply, they are not appropriate for visitors and short term employees. Over-spectacles and goggles are available designed for wearing over normal spectacles. I have used these in the past, and the only complaints from users is they tend to be rather cumbersome, and attention has to be given to the direction of lighting to avoid internal reflections.

#4 Posted : 03 February 2001 17:37:00(UTC)
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Posted By James Doyle
Hello Mike,

I,ve often come across this problem, generally I ask the people involved where are the pescription safety glasses from the last company you worked for? But generally, I beleive that for such short periods of employment 'over glasses' would suffice for the purpose, unless of course the risk assessments point to the need for some other type. I certainly would'nt expect people to wear goggles all day. As you know it is a requirement to consider the comfort factor of the person.

Jim D.
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