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#1 Posted : 08 February 2001 08:51:00(UTC)
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Posted By Simon Whitson
Does anyone know if there are any recognised issues with PC users viewing software designed for a resolution of 1024 * 768. My company currently has all of it's application designed for 800 * 600 and a new application means that users MUST change their resolution to 1024 * 768 to use the application.

If you can offer any advise, please mail me at Simon_Whitson@Eigmail.Com

Thanks in advance
#2 Posted : 08 February 2001 18:05:00(UTC)
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Posted By Jeff Deacon

The important matter with the changes in resolution is to ensure that the typeface, or images, to be read by the operator subtend a big enough angle at the eye. Sorry, a bit of jargon speak. But for the same size monitor, increasing the resolution will reduce the size of the lettering on the existing programs unless the operators reset the standard magnification within the program (eg Word) if adjustable. There are a few bits of guidance from British Standards, but I don't have the numbers with me, I'm afraid.
#3 Posted : 09 February 2001 08:29:00(UTC)
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Posted By Mark Preston
I'm not going to disagreee with Jeff - I like the "subtend" bit - I'd just have said make sure the letters are big enough - or readable - and therein lies the problem - standards try to deal objectively with subjective measurements. Letter size can be measured objectively (angle subtended; pixel height and dot pitch) but in the end the judgement as to whether or not an image gives sufficient detail to allow its easy discernment will be a subjective decision. It will be influenced largely by the eyesight of the individual - but also by the screen size, its quality , and whether its CRT or LCD. EG I'll happily work all day at 1024 x 768 on a decent 15" Active Matrix Flat Panel (if only someone would donate one to me), but I'd want at least 17" for the same resolution CRT. Software designers who don't allow the user to adapt the display to compensate for the display's limitations and the user's preferences are simply poor designers.

I don't know whether or not your software does anything safety critical - but bear in mind that as you increase the amount of information on the screen (which is usually the reason for increasing resolution), and/or if you reduce the size of target areas (eg off buttons) on the screen, you increase the risk of error.

There's plenty of guidance on this on the web - I suggest you have a look at the work of Donald Norman (a google search will bring you plenty of hits) and his erstwhile associate Bruce Tognazzini www.asktog.com.
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