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#1 Posted : 25 February 2002 16:57:00(UTC)
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Posted By Graham Clarke MIOSH, MIIRSM
Can a fully qualified first aider legally teach others to become "appointed persons". I was always lead to beleive that only acredited, (by the HSE), trainers could undertake this.
#2 Posted : 25 February 2002 19:36:00(UTC)
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Posted By Peter J Harvey
I had an on site trainer approved several years ago up in the Shetland Islands, where we had little option.

However the individual had to be certified as competent by the local St Johns Office. We were required to send of the training package and notes that we had put together, also we had an on site inspection during the first few training sessions.

The trainer was required to requalify on a regular basis and was already teaching for the Red Cross.
#3 Posted : 27 February 2002 09:05:00(UTC)
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Posted By Ken Taylor
The strict answer to your question is 'Yes' in as much as the law simply requires employers to appoint a person to take charge of the first-aid arrangements including looking after the equipment and facilities and calling the emergency services when required - but only when the risk assessment does not require the appointment of qualified first-aiders based upon the Approved Code of Practice or where the appointed first-aider is absent in temporary and exceptional circumstances. However, the published HSE guidance strongly advises employers to consider the need for emergency first-aid training for appointed persons. I believe that the ultimate tests will be whether an appointed person rather than a first-aider is justified and, if so, whether they are competent to do what they are appointed to do.
#4 Posted : 27 February 2002 22:11:00(UTC)
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Posted By David J Bristow
Hi Graham

I cannot wonder why as a member of IOSH at MIOSH level you are asking this question!

We last spoke last by email when I sent you info on ISHO 18001 - did you recive that info?

Are you trying to catch us mere affilate members on the hop or do you not realy know the answer to your request.

Those that have first aid training are competent to administer first aid - not to deliver it as a training course!

An appointed person should at the very least (according to the First Aid at Work Regulations 1981) at the very least (highly recommended) undertake the Emegency First Aid 1/2 day first aid course, which includes amongst other items CPR - first aiders are not qualified to do so unless they are competent and are accredited!

What is your interpretation of an appointed person - if you requre more info then please reply!


David B
#5 Posted : 28 February 2002 08:19:00(UTC)
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Posted By Brian Dawson
As Ken says they can 'teach them to be an appointed person' (its not exactly rocket science) but they cannot provide training in emergency aid. An appointed person does not require training in emergency aid but it is recommended.
#6 Posted : 01 March 2002 13:29:00(UTC)
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Posted By peter gotch

See paragraph 60 of HSE ACOP/Guidance

"HSE approval is not required for this training"

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