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#1 Posted : 10 October 2017 14:59:12(UTC)
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I am wondering if any member, who has experience of DSEAR zoning, would be able to look at a justification for DSEAR zoning.

I have reviewed the justification for our company following HSE guidelines and EN 60079-10 and I find that our previous justification is way over the top. So I am really looking for someone to tell me where my justification is wrong or to tell me it is correct.

I have revisited my findings on several occassions and always come back to the same conclusion.

Ian Bell2  
#2 Posted : 10 October 2017 17:43:05(UTC)
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Ian Bell2

I'm not quite sure what you are concerned about? Is it you think hazardous area classification (HAC) isn't required at all or simply EN60079-10 is too much for your situation?

There are other recognised guidance documents for HAC e.g. SR25 Natural gas installations or IP15 3rd (4th?) edition Hazardous Area Classification.

Can you provide further information? Quantity of dangerous subsances? Nature of the activity? Storage? Pumping? Decanting? Pressure? Temperature of the process? Flash points of the dangerous substances? CLP classification - Flammable etc

My experience - 10yrs oil industry design/safety background. So HAC/DSEAR/ATEX is a big issue

John Elder  
#3 Posted : 04 December 2017 16:00:52(UTC)
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John Elder

If you can let me know what you are trying to classify I will try to help you out and give you some advice.

I am a DSEAR Compliance Manager and can advise upon Hazardous Areas Classification, Gap Analysis and Hazardous Area Risk Assessment. My background is Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Engineering and Manufacturing and Process Plant.

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