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#1 Posted : 12 January 2018 11:24:27(UTC)
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Another question that came up - we are running internal and external jib & overhead crane training. One of the external trainers now mentioned that individuals need written authorisation from the employer to use the cranes. Their justification is p4 of the lifting guide INDG290:

"Do not let unauthorised, unqualified or untrained people use lifting equipment – never allow children to operate or help with lifting equipment. Some workers, eg new starters, young people or those with disabilities, may be particularly at risk and need instruction, training and supervision. "

For me the authorisation for them to use the lifting equipment is that the company put them on a course and it's part of their competency matrix. Does it need an extra piece of paper?

A Kurdziel  
#2 Posted : 12 January 2018 12:32:33(UTC)
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A Kurdziel

Let’s get our heads around this: a legal requirement means that it is written in a piece of legislation such as an act or parliament or a statutory instrument that something must happen. If it says this then it must happen or you can be prosecuted. The document referred to is guidance, describing how something might be done without defining what must be done. The guidance implies that the employer has a duty to prevent people who are not trained or otherwise demonstrate competence from using lifting equipment. How you achieve this is down to you. It need not be a piece of paper with an authorising signature.  Whatever system you use will be judged by its effectiveness not by how much paper work it generates.

#3 Posted : 12 January 2018 13:33:29(UTC)
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I have seen many variations on this in my career.  Some companies publish a list of personnel on the notice boards that says John Smith can Operate this equipment and Fred Bloggs that.  In other companies I have seen letters of authority which are countersigned by senior management and the person concerned which spell out the particular responsibilities of operating that equipment and which records that the individual understands that role and responsibility.  How you define and design your authorisation process is up to you.

#4 Posted : 12 January 2018 16:45:59(UTC)
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Hi CdC, I agree with AKurdziel and Hsquared14, how you achieve this is up to you.  What you have described sounds fine.

I have come across forklift drivers saying they need a signed letter of authorisation, I told them no, it's enough to be on the authorised user list (which your matrix essentially is).  This seems to be a misconception they pick up from trainers.

Another way is this:  a list of authorised users with the person who controls the key.  Only recommended if you may have problems with unauthorised users asking for the key.

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A Kurdziel on 15/01/2018(UTC)
Charlie Brown  
#5 Posted : 15 January 2018 10:34:20(UTC)
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Charlie Brown

Hi CdC,

I have also heard trainers come up with all sorts of fanciful ideas about what is "legally required" and what isn't so not surprised by your question.

I agree with the previous posts as well.

I come from a plant hire engineering background and have learned from experience that if people (more particularly, blokes in workshops) think they can get away with using something they are not supposed to they will so giving the key and a list of authorised users to a supervisor can be helpful.

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