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#1 Posted : 09 February 2018 23:00:11(UTC)
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We have two employes on different sites who have recently been diagnosed with Epilepsy.

I have suggested to HR that we need to refer to Occupational Health but they would like me to conduct a risk assessment prior to the referal fpr each employee.

#2 Posted : 10 February 2018 07:51:49(UTC)
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The process is quite simple really. It's good practice to sit down with them and discuss what type of epilepsy they have and what risks might be involved. Once you have a clear understanding of the potential risks you can formulate a risk assessment based on your research. The type of work activities you should be focusing on are working at height, lone working, working with machinery, etc.

I would let them have a look at the draft RA to confirm what has been discussed and agreed before sendiing it to HR so that there is no misunderstanding.

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#3 Posted : 10 February 2018 08:57:21(UTC)
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Ray gives good advice.  Even if you do refer them to occ health (which I agree seems sensible), they will need to know what tasks the employees do and part of your risk assessment will be to identify that.

You also need to find out how well their epilepsy is controlled and how (for example do they take medication and what might cause a problem for them in taking it).

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#4 Posted : 12 February 2018 09:56:28(UTC)
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A Kurdziel

This question has been asked before, so I am going add my take on it?

You don’t need a risk assessment as employees are not risks to be managed. Rather the workplace has to be adapted to their condition (based on the principle of reasonable adjustment)

As said you need talk to them and find out as much as they are willing to share. Key points are:

  1. What triggered the epileptic attacks? Some people only have episode while asleep and so there are no issues at work. Others are set off by flashing lights etc or by stress and tiredness. Sometime the trigger is not obvious.
  2. The nature of the episode: The can vary. Using the old terminology, a petite mal seizure involves them blanking out while a grand mal seizure is a full on episode.
  3. How well is it controlled? Modern drugs are very effective at preventing the episode but can side effects such as drowsiness and lack of concentration.
  4. How much information do they want to share with colleagues? That is the killer question: some people are embarrassed about epilepsy and rather nobody knows about it others are ok talking about it.
  5. You then have to decide how to manage their condition.
  • If possible reduce the triggers
  • Based on what they know is an episode a risk? For example are they using plant and machinery which needs to have someone in control of it at all times
  • What measures can you take to prevent the person injuring themselves during an episode? This includes things like informing first aiders and ensuring that they are trained to deal with episodes. ( Note that this does not include physical interventions such as grabbing hold of the person having that seizure)
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#5 Posted : 12 February 2018 11:55:27(UTC)
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I've PM'd you, happy to send you some epilepsy R/A that I have recently used at our workplace.

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