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#1 Posted : 26 January 2018 15:10:33(UTC)
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I am looking for some advice on evacuation procedures in a public swimming pool. I currently have an old EAP detailing the responsibitiles in the event of a fire evacuation etc in a swimming pool area. I have a few issues. The building is very complex with a lot of rooms and large footfall. We do not have massive numbers of staff available at all times which I can allocate responsibilities to. I also have a large range of shift patterns on a daily basis from the different departments. 

I am currently struggling to come up with the winning formula. Can anyone advise something they have seen that might help. Trust me I have done a lot of brainstorming with the different teams on this and cannot find one that covers all bases. We have looked at TAG evac etc etc. Sweepers have too large an area and too many people to look out for from what i can see. Drills have identified that. Money is also tight so upping the staffing levels in not an option. 

Any advice greatly appreciated. 

#2 Posted : 29 January 2018 14:46:16(UTC)
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I currently provide advice to a number of Leisure Centres, not all with swimming pools.

I understand the complexities involved with evacuations for the reasons you have already stated & our EAP's use a Zonal card system.

Apologies if you already carry out the following procedures or have something similar in mind!

In pool situations we utilise the services of the lifeguards & on hearing the alarm pool users congregate at the fire exits, but do not actually evacuate unless it is deemed necessary (foil blankets are made available & a number of sites have recipropcal arrangements with neighbouring buildings).

In other parts of the building e.g weights etc., we use personal trainers to act as fire wardens & take up this role, even if they are not directly employed by us - this then increases the staff available.

By having regular evacuations we have been able to fine tune the areas involved & I believe that there is not much more than we can do.

Sorry if it's granny teaching you to suck eggs, but good luck with your deliberations!

#3 Posted : 12 February 2018 15:55:07(UTC)
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Many thanks on the below. Apologies i havent came back earlier I havent been in here since. 

I have a few queries on the evac part. 

Regarding sweepers how long is the max time that can be allocated to them? I have in my head 2-3 mins but I definitely dont have that luxury when i have a skeleton staff in. 

Also what way did you get over the male entering a female dressing room for a sweep? Obviously not in a drill but in an emergency i take it you just go for it without thinking? 

Locked rooms are also causing me some stress. The occupancy swipe sign might help here but again its an issue. 

Thanks again for your help. 

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