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#1 Posted : 13 February 2018 15:51:06(UTC)
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I am fairly new to the world of Health and Safety (just over 2 years in post).  I got my NEBOSH Gen Cert almost as soon as i was in post and have done some other in house training.  Part of the conditions of my role is to achieve (and maintain) TechIOSH which i can hopefully attain later this year due to length of time in post and my qualificaton.

I have been asking recently about development training through my employer but i seem to be hitting a bit of a wall.  I was just curious as to what other people's experience of this was and what sort of developmental training you would give to a failrly new and rather keen employee?

I feel that i am only in post to be a bum on a seat.  they have to have advisors in place and so they do but that i am not given the opportunity to grow my knowledge and skills to be able to fulfil the role to the best of my abilities.  I do read things on here and try to look up information on the HSE website to help me deal with any queries thrown my way but i always feel as if i am on the back foot.

My colleague and boss both got into position at a time when money was thrown at training willy nilly and so went on a lot of courses to develop their knowledge but i got told the other day that as i hold the NEBOSH Gen Cert i was considered competent to advise on all aspects of H&S and the truth is......i dont feel it.

I also feel that my attempts to suggest courses that i should go on are met with derision and an attitude of being too keen.  I suggested attending the upcoming Health and Safety show in Birmingham this April, pointing out it was a free event but was told if i waned to go i would have to take it as leave, i wouldn't be allowed to go in work time as they could not justify the benefit it would give to the department.

That was a lot to type....once i got going i couldnt stop!

thanks in advance.

#2 Posted : 13 February 2018 20:24:58(UTC)
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Modern business unfortunately - my current employment HR gurus believe only 10% of an individuals development arises from external training (many years in and I am still awaiting any suggested course receiving financial sanction so goodness knows who is getting my 10% each year)

A lot of organisations offer free/low cost webinars (some even attracting those all important CPD points) - it is a case of finding those relevant  to your current or planned role (iosh magazine & SHP online post some of the more general ones e.g. legislation update, ISO 45001, sentencing guidelines etc.)

Regarding things like H&S expo it is probably being perceived as a jolly - you need to pitch it as a research trip finding out what is new/upcoming and an apportunity to network with like minded people to seek their views and experience of matters within your direct work environment. A report of visit reinforces the proposed versus actual benefit of attendance

#3 Posted : 14 February 2018 11:32:57(UTC)
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An every day story of short-termist business practices-ably assisted by HR. 

It's really all of a piece getting other companies to do the training for the free riders-mind you investment generally is one of the lowest in the industrial world. When I worked for Babcock Dyncorp I even had to offer to do a summary and presentation on visits/conferences but still that wasn't too bad!

I well remember the day when I [+ 9 others] was offered an MSc full time whilst a Factory Inspector-it was awhile ago when mature students still had grants you could live on as an undergraduate. And I even had earnings related dole for the vacs from my service days and on leaving Durham uni in the depressed NE, as a family, we were given financial support in buying [legal costs] a house plus all the travel costs for my wife and two kids and further support for me whilst awaiting the house purchase.

Now how about that it's definitely a different country but it would still be possible if people got on the streets like the French-[which is where we live now].

So, Leanne, lean on them via your union if you have one-if not then that's one reason for the situation perhaps.

By gum, I feel better for the rant, edit it out if you wish but the 70's were definitely better than these days of the top greedy b******* 1%

Big regards


#4 Posted : 14 February 2018 11:53:46(UTC)
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I've been very fpotunate I think. When I was first getting into health and safety, my employer at the time was more than happy for me to get involved in the health and safety side of things ( on cleaners wages) but was shut down on the idea of me doing the diploma (I had self funded general and fire certs outside of work after the put me through IOSH Managing Safely). Once I got into my first role, I self funded my Diploma and IOSH SHE Auditing, and the company put me through an internal auditing course and an introduction to OHSAS 18001. In my current role, I was given time off to continue attending block classes for the Diploma,  put on P405 as soon as I completed the Diploma and I am due to go on P901 next week ( slight delay due to bereavement). My manager has asked if there is anything else I would like to do ( I think Environmental may start to creep my way a little), and they are fully aware that I want to specialise in fire safety.

Do you have PDR's with your manager at all to look at your progress at all? If not, it may be worth trying to have a proper sit down, have a look at the areas you don't feel comfortable, and what possible options there may be. Also, why not apply for your TechIOSH now amnd start recording your CPD? This could help build more of a picture of what you do and also your areas of development?

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