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Paul G Walsh  
#1 Posted : 24 January 2018 17:43:51(UTC)
Rank: New forum user
Paul G Walsh

Hi, Can someone help with CPD ? I need to know what i need to be detailing in, how much content, what type of content and how often? I will be working towards chartered status at the moment and will be starting my IPD also but feel a little lost with the CPD. Can anyone help with this ? I am attending a CPD webinar in a week or so but would like to have someones input sooner so I can get cracking. 



#2 Posted : 24 January 2018 21:00:00(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

Paul, your CPD could be absolutely anything. From seeing a presentation to attending training.

If its new then new skill, if its reinfocement of something you already know then maintainence of skills. If its transferable, you get the gist.

The scoring part has gone now so absolutley anything goes.

As for how much, there is no set limit but it used to be 12 points which is minimum 4 pieces of CPD a year.

You have to show when audited that you have been committed to development and strive to improve and learn.

As for the detail, just say what you got or not from the CPD, how  you will use it going forward etc etc

I have mentored others in doing theirs and when you realise its not rocket science you will be more comfortable. Every single person I speak to and that includes me when starting are not sure but it is quite simple. I hope this helps.


#3 Posted : 25 January 2018 08:55:57(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

IOSH do deliver regular CPD webinars to advise you on this. I did one and found it to be very helpful.

#4 Posted : 27 February 2018 23:47:51(UTC)
Rank: Forum user

As WatsonD mentioned the CPD webinar is the 1st step.

You will learn that you must create a Development plan with the following: - What are my current main duties and responsibilities? - What knowledge, skills and experience am I expected to demonstrate? Do I have all these? - What knowledge, skills and experience would I like to develop? - Do I need any formal training? - Are there any foreseeable circumstances that may affect my CPD? - Do I need to update any of my current knowledge or skills? - What are my career objectives? - Which sections of the framework do I need to concentrate on? 

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