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#1 Posted : 08 August 2019 09:58:40(UTC)
Rank: Forum user

Apart from the episode not being that intresting (unless your into jackets), food ones are always better.

There was a certain part where they cut the cloth with a very large automatic open blade that went rather fast. Even my wife (who isn't a safety bod) pointed it out and asked how can they get away with that.

They have probably been doing it this way for years with no issues and i'm just picking holes. 

Worth a look if you haven't seen it and if you have every wondered how wax jackets are made. Which I'm sure you all do....

#2 Posted : 08 August 2019 10:26:32(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

The cutters are very common in the clothing industry and only weilded by experienced employees (time and material are money).

As with butchery safety bods make operatives wear chain mail gloves on their free hand "just in case"

#3 Posted : 08 August 2019 12:29:34(UTC)
Rank: New forum user

All programmes such as this make interesting H&S viewing.  A couple of weeks ago Gregg Wallace managed to wear a disposable mask without unfolding it.  Ear plugs are regularly folded into ear lobes and ear muffs are cunningly positioned on the edge of ears, both practices clearly leaving hearing exposed.  I am never sure if Gregg is doing this on purpose just to see how far he can push it or if he is totally indifferent.

And don't get me started on how often Kevin McCloud has been filmed on a flat roof with no fall protection.

I'd just watch for the content if I were you.

#4 Posted : 08 August 2019 12:40:08(UTC)
Rank: Forum user

I also find the other extreme amusing. When they have a reporter in a factory decked up in as much PPE as they can throw at them. Hard hats in a clothes factory, even with everything on ground level. Ear protection in a warehouse. That sort of thing.

You can almost picture the meeting with the Directors. All of a sudden looking like a safe working environment is seen as a top priority. Just make sure we have all bases covered, even those that don't need covering.

#5 Posted : 09 August 2019 13:45:47(UTC)
Rank: Forum user

I like the fact that all the PPE is spotless

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