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#1 Posted : 16 January 2020 08:55:27(UTC)
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Can anyone advise or recommend what to put inside a H&S budget?

Thanks, Anya

#2 Posted : 16 January 2020 09:38:10(UTC)
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I think we will need a lot more information than that! It would help if we knew what industry this is in etc.

For example I work in a manufacturing plant employing around 90 people. I don't have a budget as such, but for the discussion, I would put in at least the following

  • PPE supplies, for the year and contingency in case we have new employees - exceptional work etc.
  • Training - Both new training and refresher courses for such things as MHE, 1st aid, ladder, fire wardens etc.
  • New equipment/repairs - lifting equipment etc
  • Consumable supplies - for me this is barrier creams, sun screen, spill kits etc.
  • Inspections/testing - For LOLER, LEV, compressed air systems, fixed wiring etc
  • Communication - notices, posters, signs etc.

I am sure I have missed some.

A Kurdziel  
#3 Posted : 16 January 2020 10:21:36(UTC)
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A Kurdziel

It depends on how your organisation wants to handle it. I have always taken the idea that what we do is advise and it is upto the people who deliver what every they need to provide stuff. So for example PPE is provided by the people who need the PPE not he central H&S budget. Similarly the stuff they might be need for workstations (chairs etc) comes out of the local budget. We will pay for training and we have a budget for posters etc but the operational stuff is provided locally.

#4 Posted : 16 January 2020 10:52:15(UTC)
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One essential item is missing. Health surveillance is an essential element in any health and safety management system. It is covered by COSHH and the latest guidance on when it is needed to meet COSHH regulations is given in the sicth edition of the ACoP for COSHH. It is the only way you will identify where your system for manageming chemical exposure is working or not working other than waiting until the damage to health becomes apparent. 

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CptBeaky on 16/01/2020(UTC)
#5 Posted : 16 January 2020 12:24:15(UTC)
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From the title, the answer to which industry it is in appears to be healthcare.

A Kurdziel  
#6 Posted : 16 January 2020 13:36:21(UTC)
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A Kurdziel

The healthcare sector itself is very wide: anything from a small nursing home with a dozen patients to a full on teaching hospital with regional or even national responsibilities   

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webstar on 17/01/2020(UTC)
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