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#1 Posted : 24 July 2020 10:31:30(UTC)
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Hi All, 

Does anyone have information or advice where I can locate this information, on requirement for heat/smoke detectors?

I have two walk-in cold rooms that are joined. You walk from the warehouse into the -20 cold room, through a manual sliding door. At the rear of the -20 is a manual door that leads into a -27 cold room. Neither of these doors has a window. The room are around 10ms and 16m2 so not very big. They also have preson trapped alarms which switch off the system if activated. 

We use the -27 cold room to store packaging and if the cold room has a lot of packaging it sets the fire alarm off when the refridgeration system does a defrost, although there is a verys small change in temperature, not enough to set off the alarm, according to our fire system contractor. The contractor does however suggest we remove the system in these cold rooms or install an aspirating system, which would cost around £10 000 to install. 

So I need to determine whether we can remove the fire alarm system from these cold rooms or whether it is required as there is a room leading into another room. The likelyhood of fire is extrememly low at -20 degrees. 

Thanks for any advice


#2 Posted : 24 July 2020 17:00:50(UTC)
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What you appear to be describing is an inner room situation, in that people in the colder room, have to pass through an access room to make their escape. Therefore you need a method to allow those in the inner room to know there’s a fire in the access room. - Are you still with me?

So a window in the door, a gap between the partition wall and ceiling or automatic fire detection in the inner room. (note, only the inner room requires smoke detection).

I have no idea why aspirating detection is advised rather than single point. Care needs to be taken with an aspirating system in cold temperatures to avoid holes in the pipework becoming blocked


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