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#1 Posted : 10 September 2020 10:08:52(UTC)
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I've been using https://www.endscompliance.com/ as part of my legislation compliance process for a few years.  It (in theory) usefully catalogues and summarises health and safety legislation, keeps track of which items I consider relevant and notifies me of updates, and has direct links through to https://www.legislation.gov.uk/

Unfortunately, they’ve had an ‘update’ and I’m finding the new system pretty much unusable – where it used to summarise the key features of a whole item of legislation onto one window that was only part of one screen, now that same information is spread out and requires three screens-full of scrolling to read (and that’s the most compact layout).  Also, I used to be able to see the entirety of my notes about an item of legislation plus a list of related items I’d flagged in one window with the entirety of their summary of that legislation in another window all visible at once, and that’s no longer possible.

The obvious solution when something stops being usable is to use something else, so what do other people use for these tasks?  Ideally, I’d like a one-page-ish summary of each item of legislation, and a means to flag that I want to be notified if it has changes (e.g. is repealed, part repealed).  Preferably also it would identify related legislation.  A periodic summary of related upcoming changes would be nice.  Ends supposedly does all this, they’ve just made it prettier but unusable (in my opinion) with their latest update.

I’m aware of https://cedrec.com/ and https://www.croneri.co.uk/ which seem to have similar offerings.  Can anyone comment on them, and/or offer any alternatives?

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