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#1 Posted : 22 February 2021 12:58:02(UTC)
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I have come across a lot of DSE guidance relating to the use of dual monitors and how they should be set up etc. but in the company I work for some roles require employees to use 4 monitors at one time and I can’t seem to find any information on how these should be set up. For example when using 1 or 2 monitors the top of the monitor should be level with the users eyes but if they are using 4 monitors is this still the case and the other 2 monitors are just above these or should the bottom 2 monitor be lower?

If anyone has any advice on how they manage this or if they have come across any guidance and they could share it would be greatly appreciated.


A Kurdziel  
#2 Posted : 22 February 2021 13:18:11(UTC)
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A Kurdziel

DSE risk assessment is like any sort of risk assessment task specific. So you are assessing the task not the workstation. Look at Reg 3 and para 1 of schedule 3. These make it clear that the characteristics of the workstation  are only relevant is so far as they relate to what the person is doing. So what is the person  doing with these 4 screens?   How long do the look at any one screen? Is one screen the master screen and the others used in effect as document holders for  reference. That’s what I do: I have a main screen where I put up my typing etc while the second screen is where my Outlook lives  amongst other things.  Having all 4 screens on the same level might lead to the user swinging their head around more than they should while having them stacked above each other may cause issues with their neck because they are continually looking up and down. On the other hand the way they interact with the screens does not cause them any problems whatsoever. Ask them the question  and advise accordingly.  

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peter gotch on 23/02/2021(UTC)
#3 Posted : 23 February 2021 10:13:48(UTC)
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AK has summed it up.

Quad monitor arrangements (2 rows of 2) are very common in operational control rooms. I have heard ergonomists raise concerns about this but I have never heard an operator complain. The explanation is that they use the lower screens for all intense work and the upper screens are for quick glances or when sitting back to take things in.

This is covered in the latest edition of guidance document EEMUA 201 on control room design. I was lead author of this and attempted to address this by categorising screens as "work" and "monitor."  Work screens need to be arranged in accordance with DSE (i.e. top at eye level). Monitor screens just need to be visible and legible.

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A Kurdziel on 23/02/2021(UTC), CptBeaky on 23/02/2021(UTC), peter gotch on 23/02/2021(UTC), chris42 on 23/02/2021(UTC), Roundtuit on 23/02/2021(UTC)
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