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#1 Posted : 07 October 2021 11:05:38(UTC)
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Hello all,

I work for a company which supplies the manufacturing industry. We have 100+ employees in the UK across four manufacturing sites. The health and safety department for the company is represented by two employees – my manager (health and safety manager) and myself (supporting the manager in an administrative capacity).

I am based 100% in the office and do not have any hands-on experience of the work that is carried out in our factories. I am conscious of how this limits my understanding (my manager used to work on the shop floor) so I am trying to communicate frequently with safety representatives based at each of the sites who are actually involved with the work, as well as involve myself more with site inspections, audits etc. so I can become more familiar with the site, the machinery and the processes.

Though I am not a manager myself, I am familiar with health and safety legislation and deal with a lot of paperwork relating to safety procedures and risk assessments in our workplace. My manager agreed to let me study for IOSH Managing Safely – I really enjoyed the course and it has enthused me to continue studying. I would be interested in a health and safety qualification which could put me firmly on the path of pursuing a career in health and safety. I am experiencing some friction with my manager over this as they have not yet completed their NEBOSH. I am considering the option of financing my own further study if this continues to be an issue.

I have been looking at NEBOSH and NCRQ. I am aware NEBOSH is the more traditional exam-based way of learning whereas NCRQ is a more modern and varied approach. I am really interested in NCRQ as the assessment structure sounds like it is intended to be reflective of how work is actually carried out in health and safety.

So, I am trying to work out which level of study would be suitable for someone entering the sphere of health and safety management with only office-based, administrative experience thus far.

Is the NCRQ diploma a direct equivalent to the NEBOSH diploma? All the NCRQ options seem to result in a level 6 qualification – what NEBOSH qualification would be comparable to the NCRQ level 6 certificate? Does the full NCRQ diploma include the certificate or do they need to be taken separately?

If anyone can share their experience of either course, or knows more about the structure/comparability of each course, or just has any helpful advice about what direction to go in after IOSH Managing Safely, it would be very much appreciated!

#2 Posted : 07 October 2021 12:16:12(UTC)
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I am around halfway through the NCRQ diploma. It is made up of 3 parts, over a maximum of 3 years (although I am only 6 months into it and flying through the work). The first part was focused on applying the HASAW act and the regulations attached to it. It is very much application based. You are constantly shown real case studies and then taught how case law/legislation applies to that study.

My criticism is based more on the forums. For those that have no practical experience it may be a big jump in knowledge. It relies on the leaner to know where to find the information they need, and to have a practical understanding of how H&S is applied in a business. Much of the negative feedback is from academics that don't seem to have the experience needed. I suppose the best analogy I can find is that NCRQ seems to be the gap between NVQ and IOSH.

For my part I have found it really helpful in reaffirming what I know, and filling in the gaps that I don't. I am halfway through the 2nd module, which is tort/law based. I am loving this, but some people really struggle with it.

Previously all my training was done through IOSH/NEBOSH. I find IOSH's methods too rigid and too focused on knowledge, rather than the application of knowledge. That being said it really depends on how you feel more comfortable learning. NEBOSH tends to be cheaper, and is more "black and white". If you are wrong with NEBOSH you know why and can easily correct that mistake, with NCRQ it is more about your mindset. If your mindset is wrong you will struggle to understand why you are being marked down.

Feel free to pm me if you want a proper chat about it.

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NR-D on 07/10/2021(UTC)
A Kurdziel  
#3 Posted : 07 October 2021 13:33:24(UTC)
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A Kurdziel

The first thing we need to do is to clarify the difference been an exam based qualifications such as NEBOSH/NCRQ and NVQ. When you do an exam based qualification it is supposed to work in the following order: do the courseèpass the exam è apply the knowledge . NVQ is based on the idea that for many  people  what happens is that they apply the knowledge/do the job è thus learn the skills   è  so what NVQ does is to enable them to demonstrate what they know. So its basically the other way around from the exam based approach

NCRQ is still an exam based system but the learning rather than consisting of separate modules-LAW;RISK ASSESSMENT; HAZARD SPOTTING etc consists mainly “real life” case studies which you  investigate and you learn by investigating.  

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peter gotch on 07/10/2021(UTC), NR-D on 07/10/2021(UTC)
#4 Posted : 07 October 2021 14:13:25(UTC)
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Just to clarify, "exam based" doesn't mean sitting an exam in a classroom. Just the learning style. NCRQ is all assignment based, normally 2-4 weeks to complete, and you start each whenever you feel ready.

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A Kurdziel on 07/10/2021(UTC), peter gotch on 07/10/2021(UTC), NR-D on 07/10/2021(UTC), Martin Fieldingt on 08/10/2021(UTC)
#5 Posted : 11 October 2021 09:44:56(UTC)
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I self funded both my NEBOSH general and fire certificates with next to no health and safety experience at all after being put through Managing Safely, picking up what I could wherer I could ( employer wouldn't entertain further stdy for me), however I cope fairly well with exam conditions and coursework- once in my first H&S role I self funded my Diploma and haven't looked back.

I would advise you consider your learning style and your circumstances, both in an out of work when looking at any further study- can you put in the time outside of work where needed, are you going to be able to provide suitable and sufficient evidence within the work place for NVQ modules, is there support in the workplace, if self funding are there any finiacial considerations as some courses are fairly costly.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you the very best of luck!

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peter gotch on 11/10/2021(UTC), mihai_qa on 11/10/2021(UTC), Martin Fieldingt on 11/10/2021(UTC)
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