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MJ Wigan  
#1 Posted : 14 August 2023 12:34:52(UTC)
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MJ Wigan

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations / advice on further studying . I received a pass on the Nebosh Fire Cert and i want to continue learning , in paticular around Fire Safety in HMO's and supported accommodation. Can anyone advise on what would be a good next step ?

peter gotch  
#2 Posted : 14 August 2023 14:04:43(UTC)
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peter gotch


Probably depends to a significant extent on how much you want to be doing fire as part of your role going forward.

Possibly what would help would be training in the more practical aspects of fire engineering - both structures and associated services.

This might help: IF021-Career-Pathways-V1.pdf (ifsm.org.uk)

Can you find someone doing this sort of thing all or most of their time who is long in the tooth who you could shadow?

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M.cooper.99 on 15/08/2023(UTC)
#3 Posted : 16 August 2023 06:46:11(UTC)
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If you are wanting or going to be conducting FRAs in your role then I would reccommend getting on a course with a local fire authority.  I learnt more practical application from the authority than I did from the Cert.

West Midlands fire do a 1 week course on it and on my intake there were alot of folk there to do with HMO, multi tenanted buildings and such.  Very useful.

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peter gotch on 16/08/2023(UTC)
#4 Posted : 18 August 2023 14:14:02(UTC)
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Hi James, I statrted off by doing the NEBOSH fire course before gaining some experience of FRA by accompaning an assesssor. I follwoed this up by completing a fire risk assessment course, the West Midlands one is very good and then gaining experience by completing fire risk assessments on basic buildings before moving onto more complex buildings. If fire risk assessment is something you see yourself doing then I would recommend getting on one of the registers. The IFSM offers the Tiered Fire Risk Assessors Register where mentoring is also available. I hope this helps.

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peter gotch on 19/08/2023(UTC)
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