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#41 Posted : 13 January 2016 13:50:57(UTC)
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The root cause of the incident seems to be failure on management system. If it is an unannounced drill also, why the employee has to jump from the building. This shows that the employees are not given proper training about the organization and building ERP.

We have to focus on different type of emergency drills and we should done a risk assessment of the drill before commencing any such drills. A risk assessment will help us to find the loop holes and such incidents (if its true:)) can be avoided.

#42 Posted : 13 January 2016 14:53:22(UTC)
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When we perform a fire drill there are about 6 people in the building (out of 200) who know and of them only 2 know the exact time. We warn our Sales and Warehouse manager that next week or week commencing XX we will be doing a drill so that we can timetable it to avoid the busiest times. We inform the MD as a courtesy but again he doesn't know exactly when. It is basically myself and the Site Manager who say yes now (usually by looking out the window at the weather!).
We evacuate 200+ staff plus visitors, students etc in the time it takes to walk down 3 flights of stairs.
We occasionally have unplanned drills - last one caused by someone hitting a call point with a pallet!
We find this the best of both worlds. 99% of the staff unaware and the least amount of disruption caused. In, checked and back at work in 10 minutes.
#43 Posted : 13 January 2016 15:05:19(UTC)
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gotogmca wrote:
Excerpt from RRO

Procedures for serious and imminent danger and for danger areas
15.—(1) The responsible person must—
(a) establish and, where necessary, give effect to appropriate procedures, including safety drills, to be followed in the event of serious and imminent danger to relevant persons;

Thank you. The key part is safety drill, an ​activity that ​practises a ​particular ​skill and often ​involves ​repeating the same thing several ​times.
#44 Posted : 12 April 2019 11:16:39(UTC)
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Sorry to drag an old thread to the top again but I have a question.

1 of my clients is the FM for a tower block in Swindon, 5 floors, 7 companys, 350 staff.  We had a fire trg company come in to conduct the drill, I would attend and ensure it was safe from a H&S point of view. We had all staff go to 1 RV about 100m down the road, it was in a public place so didn't interfere with anyone else. Pavements were wide enough for 3 people to walk side by side.

A new company has been employed to write the Fire Emergency Plan, his idea is that each company should go to their own FRV and phone back to the fire marshal who would stay close to the front of the building. His thought process was that once the evacuation was complete, ie once an employee stepped over the threshold of the building and onto the street the duty of care stops and he wasn't interested in where they were going or how they got there.

My issue is, duty of care doesnt stopp when the employees leave the building, it holds until the fire drill is complete and people are released back to work or go to lunch.

Comms was difficult as in 1 company, the fire marshal didn't have a number for the rest of the company in thir FRV.

Companys were free to choose their own FRV, 1 company has chosen COSTA. Now I don't think that is appropiate as staff will be more interested in having coffee on company time rather than accounting for themselves.

Am I thinking along the right lines or am I going to far?

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