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#1 Posted : 13 October 2017 09:12:34(UTC)
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Good Morning - Please go easy on me as this is my first post on this forum :-)

I look after the Health and Safety for an Electrical Contractor and am responsible for arranging the training.  I was just wondering about the merits of completing some of the less practical based courses online as against classroom based ones  Such as Asbestos Awareness, HAV's etc.  They are alot cheaper and have less of an impact on the sites where we are working at that moment in time.  If god forbid there was to be an accident and the HSE got involved do the online courses carry as much weight as a classroom based one in the HSE's eyes?

Also, all our site foremen complete the 1 day Emergency First Aid Course, again, i ask the same question as above would the online course be acceptable in the HSE's eyes?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Ian Bell2  
#2 Posted : 13 October 2017 09:46:59(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user
Ian Bell2

As with many health and safety questions - there isn't a definite answer.

It depends on the videos used? Are they up todate with current legislation/practice.

Are they aimed for the right country - many YouTube videos are American, where safety practices fall short of UK standards

How do you verify that your guys have actually watched the videos and understand the content and what is required of them.

Training videos have their place .... but the only source of information, I would doubt

Ultimately only a Court can give an opinion if your training has been adequate

#3 Posted : 13 October 2017 10:06:13(UTC)
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Thank you for your reply.  It is a dedicated website (IHASCO) that I have been considering.  I have watched the course myself and they are all up to date legislation wise.  The certifcates will not be generated until each user has watched the full course and answered a set of multiple choice questions.

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