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Brian Lawton  
#1 Posted : 13 February 2018 16:56:28(UTC)
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Brian Lawton

In order to train staff in Fire Extinguishers , would people need to undertake -Train the Trainer training , specifically on Fire Extinguishers . Or could people undertake a generic Train the Trainer , training course , then go on to provide Fire Extinguisher training . Given the people concerned had previously recieved Fire Extinguisher training .

Many thanks


#2 Posted : 13 February 2018 19:48:05(UTC)
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Article 18(5) provides a definition for where a person is appointed to help the responsible person undertake duties to undertake preventitive measures (anything identified by the RA as being required to safeguard relevant persons - such as training) 

18(5) A person is to be regarded as competent for the purposes of this article where he has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable him properly to assist in undertaking the preventive and protective measures. 

Of course, it is for the responsible person to determine the level of competence required in your location (someone training staff in the use fire extinguishers at a fuel depot or theatre would have to have a greater level of understanding than another who is instructing a handful of staff in a corner shop)

A train the trainer course may be suitable, or if you have staff who are capable (and the risk of fire is low to moderate) why not get a trainer in to provide a one-off session to staff and get your would be trainer to make notes in order they can cascade their learning to others?

Its sort of train the trainer, but in a specific subject matter rather than a general TTT type course

#3 Posted : 13 February 2018 22:12:37(UTC)
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This is a good question. I have seen some really good fire safety trainers and seen some very bad ones too, so bad that their training was dangerous - in my opinion. 

When I started to deliver this training many years ago, I obviously thought I was competent (why wouldn’t I). However, I decide to get the training course accredited by the IFSM (other accredited providers are available), they checked the content of the course, my ability to train competently and to ensure that the practical part was delivered safety. Another advantage is that inspection Fire Officers cannot question the training as the certificates have the IFSM logo in them.

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Brian Lawton on 14/02/2018(UTC)
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