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Phil Chitty  
#1 Posted : 09 March 2018 13:40:08(UTC)
Rank: New forum user
Phil Chitty

Afternoon all,

I've been advised by a tower crane operator that the chains I have supplied can't be used as they only have a 5mm link size. 

The lift is well within the capabilities of the chains I have supplied and they are well witrhin their test date.

Has anyone ever heard of a certain size of chain being required for lifting operations on tower cranes as this has baffled me. 

#2 Posted : 09 March 2018 15:04:24(UTC)
Rank: Forum user

It would be helpful if you are able to describe what lifting operation you are undertaking.

However my initial thought is what has been specified in the lift plan by the Appointed Person (Lifting Operations) and have the lifting accessories supplied been subject to thorough examination etc. and is the Working Load Limit likely to be exceeded.

Also what grade steel are these chain slings 80 or 100.

From your comments it not clear is you are the AP.

Phil Chitty  
#3 Posted : 09 March 2018 16:28:10(UTC)
Rank: New forum user
Phil Chitty

Hi Dave

Many thanks for responding. 

The load is a balcony of approx. 800 kg. The lifting accessories are all within their thorough examination period and our in house AP has completed a full and concise lifting plan. All lifting operations are well within the capabilities of the equipment we have provided. 

As far as I am aware we are well within our duties under LOLER. 

The information on the size of chain link has come from the tower crane provider only. In my 20 years experience of health and safety, and our AP's 15 years of lifting operations, we have never heard this before. 

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peter gotch  
#4 Posted : 10 March 2018 11:59:09(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user
peter gotch

Have you asked for an opinion from another tower crane operator?

.....or asked the existing why they think there is a problem.

#5 Posted : 10 March 2018 12:57:29(UTC)
Rank: Forum user

Just had a quick look at some lifting chain suppliers - none of the ones that I looked at were offering any 5mm - they all started from 7mm.



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