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#1 Posted : 17 April 2019 07:40:14(UTC)
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As we are all aware over most of the UK on construction sites the CSCS card although NOT!!! a legal requirement is recognised as a form of proof of competency and awareness. So some companies have sites in Southern Ireland too and when you go there you are told the only card they recognise is the CSR card that for ALL intents and purposes is virtually the same thing and means the same thing as the CSCS card does.

So what I am asking is this we are supposed to be applying common sense approach here much like we try to do when you are part of the SSIP wether your CHAS, Safecontractor or other suitable safety accreditation bodies all are accepted up to a point so duplication does not occur.

So with all the above in mind and hopefully with input also from our southern irish safety professionals why are we held to ransom over issues like this ? why does common sense never apply!!!!! ??? we are supposed to be all working together to the same ends.

Thanks in advance for your feedback


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Kim Hedges on 19/04/2019(UTC)
#2 Posted : 17 April 2019 11:14:02(UTC)
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The true crux of your issue is that CSCS have not bothered to agree mutal recognition with the EIRE scheme that operates in an entirely separate nation state with its own laws and rules.

CSCS/CSR operate in a single EU Member State and so have mutual recognition either side of the Irish Sea.

Whether this sitaution continues after May 22nd/June 30th/October 31st (at time of posting) remains to be seen

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Kim Hedges on 19/04/2019(UTC)
Kim Hedges  
#3 Posted : 19 April 2019 14:34:12(UTC)
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Kim Hedges

I discovered by accident that the current CSCS/CPCS card system will shortly be taken over by the CITB, which in my view is long overdue and should have become the standard from the word go and not simply a money making exercise by those companies that offer these card schemes. 

I am not a safety advisor, but I do work in a safety critical job, so like many I am required to show my CPCS card on each contract I take, so no card no job.  Later this year I will be required to undertake an NVQ2 to move from my existing red card to the standard blue card and that will cost me around about £250 - £500. 

Now because I am self employed and not in a company, I will also be forced to pay 20% tax on the education.  I think this is totally unfair and I've previously written to the government who have basically said 'hard cheese suck it up buttercup'.   

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