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#1 Posted : 11 June 2019 09:22:34(UTC)
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I have recently joined a company that operates mulitple automatic resistance welding machines. 

the operator places a part in the spot welder and then moves back behind a light curtain or fixed interlock door (both types are in use) the spot welder than welds the part

Operators removes part (Stainless steel) and repeats operation every 30 seconds

no evidence of fume in operators breathing zones visually

should the equipment have fume extraction fitted (substantial cost to retrofit) and i would need black and white evidence to support this which i cannot find on HSE pages. Lot so fiinnfo around Welding but not Automatic resistance welding

Does anyone else have these and what do you have in place please?

#2 Posted : 11 June 2019 09:32:58(UTC)
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Having worked with resistance spot welding, the answer is, it depends! Sorry. You need to assess the level of fume that is being emitted. We had some stations that fumed badly due to the parts and others that did not. The electrode wear & deviations in process parameters can also effect fume generation.
Ian Bell2  
#3 Posted : 11 June 2019 09:36:08(UTC)
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Ian Bell2

As Paul says, if you simply don't have the data to make a judgement you are likely to need some local and personal fume monitoring measurements. Contact an occupational hygiene specialist, to feed into your CoSHH assessment and final decision making.

#4 Posted : 12 June 2019 10:15:31(UTC)
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The above is a useful page to visit on this topic. It suggests that there is no longer a threshold limit to which engineering controls are required indoors, but that all indoors activities should utilise engineering controls (incl. LEV) regardless of the level of fume emitted.

I would therefore say that it should, but if there are no people entering the area with the autonomous welding stations, this is an engineering control in itself.

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