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Steve 40  
#1 Posted : 25 March 2020 10:29:53(UTC)
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Steve 40

At the moment, other than govement advice for socail distancing to maintain a 2m seperation, is there any other source of guidance i can refer to. Within my workplace, we are doing everything we can as a buisness to maintain a 2m seperation for our employees from other employees in the workplace, but is there any clear guidance or advice for any time limits for the rare employee interaction that is inevitably going to take place ? (ie, keep to a maximum of  1 minute or 5 minutes for example). the source of the advice / guidance would also be appreciated.

Any help would be most welcome. 

Steve 40  
#2 Posted : 25 March 2020 10:45:02(UTC)
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Steve 40

Before i get the inevitable posts, i work in the food industry, so are key workers.

#3 Posted : 25 March 2020 21:12:18(UTC)
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If I can sneeze multiple times in one minute I would envisage zero is the maximum. Being more pragmatic lets consider your existing hygiene controls, only having workers at site who consider themselves fit and that the kitchens preparing your produce will not be segregating to 2m due to their design. Keep it 1940's cinema - A brief encounter. Our current office / factory interface is a table across a door - if we have a person at one side the other should remain clear - the verbal communication taking place at the segregation distance
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Steve 40 on 26/03/2020(UTC), Kate on 26/03/2020(UTC)
#4 Posted : 26 March 2020 10:41:00(UTC)
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It has amazed me how many people don't seem to know what distance 2metres is. So much so that we ended up putting floor graphics down in key areas which we got from these guys (wouldnt usually include links to suppliers on the open forum - I'd usually DM it but think these might be beneficial based on the number of similar posts Ive seen)


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Steve 40 on 26/03/2020(UTC)
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