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#1 Posted : 15 May 2020 13:33:01(UTC)
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I found an earlier discussion around this topic and then I researched the difference between the use of Lift Directive and the Machinery Directive with regard to lifts, https://blog.stannahlifts.co.uk/machinery-directive-or-lift-directive.

However unfortuneatly I have not found an answer to my situation. I have several lifting platforms that I am responsible for and these are covered by the Machinery Directive. The insurance company inspector tells me that a communicator is not required in such a lift. However he goes on to say that were there is the appearance of one, e.g. a telephone then it must work. He further states that in the case of a push button communicator which does work in terms of calling a specific wall phone in the office must make a noise in the lift car when pressed to show to the occupant that pressing the button has actually activateled something. These are two different platforms and I aslo have platforms with no communicator at all but all do have alarms and localised noise makers.

My problem is with the platform with the working but none noise making communicator. The platform in question has never done this since being installed I am not keen therefore on paying for what might have been either a none compliant installation rectification from 2 years ago  or having the communicator disconnected. 

So the question is the Insurance Inspector correct and if so I will try and get the lift installation company to rectify FOC or is a non noise making communicator acceptable?

Any thoughts or definitive references to regulations much appreciated.


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