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#1 Posted : 20 July 2020 10:00:43(UTC)
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What do others do when you have your thorough inspection company list something as a “b” defect, however the servicing company say it is not a problem?

We have some minor dents in the cage of one of our fork trucks. The servicing company who are a specific Fork truck servicing company, say they are not a problem and do not need repair, and we have it in writing. However, an insurance company who conduct our thorough examinations are recording as a “b” defect, despite us showing them the report.

The picture I have shows a box section, where the dents do not break the paint and do not crease the corners of the changes in direction. I’m inclined to agree with the Fork truck servicing company, but have reservations as I normal state the thorough examination trumps service companies, and the roll cage is there for safety.

The nature of our activities and operating site mean it is extremely unlikely that it will tip over (I can’t think of a way it could do it). However, that is an aside.

The only thing I can think of is to get a third company in to assess, but I may have some resistance to that due to spending more money, as we have a report stating ok. Additionally, there is no guarantee that either company would accept their findings. Can anyone think of any other options to resolve one way or another. Its not our Fork truck, but leased so reluctance to pay for repair regardless.

Bringing in the experts is great until they start disagreeing with one another.


Can anyone tell me how to put a picture in a post? if you click image it then asks for a URL ( picture is not on internet) and has a lot of latin in the preview area.

#2 Posted : 20 July 2020 12:32:58(UTC)
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what happened when you spoke to the Insurance thorough inspection team and asked them to justify or explain their reasoning?

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