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#1 Posted : 09 January 2021 20:01:06(UTC)
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Hi all,

Please can anyone advise me on where I can purchase a suitable PTW book, or any company's who make bespoke PWT book to suit my needs. I've seen generic books on Amazon etc., but would like advice from my fellow professionals on there preferred choice. At the moment I am using word documents. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Warm regards,


peter gotch  
#2 Posted : 10 January 2021 12:00:58(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user
peter gotch


I think you have to some extent answered your own question.

Any off the shelf book that is generic is likely to need to contain an excess of the variables that need to be considered in your own specific circumstances.

You are probably better served with one or more bespoke sets of documentation. So, as example you might have a PTW document for high voltage working and another for entry into confined spaces. There might be occasions when you need both.

But, if you try and cover all the variables on one document, it is likely to become so unwieldy that it ends up being a tick box exercise and fall into disrespute.

Do you have contacts in organisations doing similar work to you that you could approach for their thoughts or even a collaborative approach that suits you and others?

#3 Posted : 11 January 2021 07:55:19(UTC)
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I suggest stick to the Word documents.  You have developed these to suit your needs and that is better than anything you can get off the shelf.

I did once use a stationery company (I forget which one) which produced permit to work books in triplicate carbon copy, and was willing to customise them to suit us.  That feels very old hat now.

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