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MJ Wigan  
#1 Posted : 21 August 2022 19:39:48(UTC)
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MJ Wigan

I’ve recently achieved IOSH l3 , the plan was to complete NEBOSH but my employer seams to have gone cold on the idea . I was initially willing to self study this as I did with L3 in my own time but my employer was against that and said in person training would benefit the organisation more to prevent a ‘text book’ approach to H&S.

I work for a homeless charity and we have a H&S consultant whom I’ve asked if I can work with to gain practical experience but things are just not progressing!

I’m considering the IOSH managing safely qualification in the meantime and just wondering if I’m wasting my money after having done IOSH L3 ?

I’m not looking to leave my current employment , I’m currently administering all of the H&S processes but I feel like I’m being ‘blocked’ and that another employee will be given the opportunity for NEBOSH as he has a more hands on role and due to my strong admin skills I’m being kept in the background ensuring that the charity is compliant and maintaining records.

Not sure where to go from here 😕
peter gotch  
#2 Posted : 22 August 2022 13:12:58(UTC)
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peter gotch


Doing IOSH Managing Safely would almost certainly be a waste of your time and money, not least as the blurb promoting the IOSH Level 3 product suggests that having ALREADY done the IOSH MS course would be helpful.

So the charity is talking about "in person" training to "benefit the organisation" and "prevent a 'text book' approach" - what do they mean?

Now, if that includes helping with your own development, you could go down the NVQ route.

In essence, this is about putting together a portfolio to show that you understand key concepts at whatever NVQ Level - you could do this by presenting what you do on a day to day basis BUT to get the evidence for e.g. a Level 6 NVQ the charity might need to allow you to be stretched a bit to get the range of tasks needed to let you flourish in e.g. a variety of risk assessment scenarios (either doing the assessments, or being part of the teams doing them).

What's in it for the charity?!?! The more competent YOU are, the less money they need to spend on this "H&S consultant"!!!!

.....and if you are allowed to spread your wings a bit, then the less likely that you will take your admin skills to an employer who values you.

As a matter of interest, how did you find the IOSH Level 3 product? I think you are the very first visitor to these Forums to say that you have done it, despite it having been around for 4 or 5 years.

MJ Wigan  
#3 Posted : 22 August 2022 14:58:46(UTC)
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MJ Wigan

Hi Peter

thanks for taking the time to comment , you have confirmed my gut feeling about the Managing Safely course. I dont think my employer would be prepared to allow me to do the NVQ either but i definately agree about the risk assessmenst and i have been looking at training courses specifically on this topic , again not cheap and id probably have to fund it myself for a 1 day in person course. I am just a bit desperate to get the practical experience somehow and demonstrate to my employer that i can do more than admin ! 

i actually really enjoyed the IOSH L3 , i started it at the end of January and managed to get it completed by the end of March with lots of determination , just waiting for the certificates. 

MJ Wigan  
#4 Posted : 03 March 2023 20:27:55(UTC)
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MJ Wigan

5 months on and still not started , nor am I any clearer on what course to do next ! I feel like I’m going round in circles with my employer . They say they are keen to support me yet nothing ever materialises so once again I’ll be self funding and self studying .
I got my Iosh H&S for business level 3 last year , im going through the process of obtaining technical membership ( hopefully) and there are 2 self study courses I’m considering , can anyone advise where I can get advice to determine what oils be the best course?

Diploma in H&S law
Nebosh general cert in fire safety

What would be the most beneficial/ logical next step 🤯 my employer isn’t be very supportive despite saying so. Are there any places I can call to go through this type of thing ?
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