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#1 Posted : 20 November 2023 10:15:57(UTC)
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Hi all 

I'm new on this forum and I dont know how to reply to your qestions on my pervious inquire!

I dont really know how to start this planning I dont know waht this company already has in place and what is the organisanion  vision and structure regarding H&S I was asked to do it for my upocoming interiewu purposes. 

Thank you very mcuh

#2 Posted : 20 November 2023 11:36:04(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

Hello again Anet.  Towards the bottom right of the posts you should see a button labelled "Post reply" and clicking on this should bring you to a message window where you can type your reply.

I would share your dismay at being asked to produce an HSE improvement plan at a job interview at a company you haven't been working in.

As you say, you would need to know what they already have in place, and what their structure and vision are.  And other things as well, such as what their activities are, where in the world they operate, what their customers expect, what their culture is, and what if anything they have signed up to.  Some of this, you might be able to find out from their website or by asking them.

I can see four options:

1. You could talk in general terms with some relevant examples about how you would go about developing an HSE improvement plan including what inputs you would need and showing the templates you would use, perhaps populated with a few examples based on what you do know about their industry and organisation.  So you might say you would do a PESTLE analysis, a SWOT analysis, a RACI matrix and so on (these are all popular consultant speak) and show what these would look like.

2. You could find out as much as you can, develop a draft plan based on that and tell them it is incomplete because you would need to complete certain information-gathering activities first (and state what these are and what information you would get from them).

3. You could ask them what it is they actually want.

4. You could tell them that if they want some free consultancy, they had better get someone else to do it.

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peter gotch on 20/11/2023(UTC)
peter gotch  
#3 Posted : 20 November 2023 15:42:15(UTC)
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peter gotch

Hi Anet

re Kate's point No. 4, there was a posting on LinkedIn last week by someone who had decided not to bother attending interview as they saw one of the tests that they were being asked to do at interview as an attempt at getting free consultancy.

....and if the employer is trying such a trick before even hiring, what can you expect once you are taken on?!?!

You can't possibly second guess how good the company is before seeing what happens on the ground.

You can (and should) do your homework about the company BUT what they say on e.g. their website is likely to paint a very rosy picture that might not be what the employer knows (or thinks they know) about what conditions are actually like.

So, the best thing that I suggest you can do, is set out the basics as to the approach you would take. If you have examples of the approach you have taken before, so much the better.

....and if using those popular management speak acronyms like PESTLE etc remember that the interviewees may not understand what you are talking about so spell out what the abbreviations stand for when you first mention any of them!

Good luck, Peter

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Kate on 20/11/2023(UTC)
#4 Posted : 20 November 2023 16:19:33(UTC)
Rank: Super forum user

I agree with the above!

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