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#1 Posted : 24 July 2000 15:54:00(UTC)
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Posted By Philip McAleenan
Several threads recently have been requests to swap information and safety training materials. There is obviously a need for a point where such swaps can take place. The Internet site, http://www.web-safety.com/ offers such a facility 'Safety Exchange'. If you have materials to swap web-safety.com will publish them in e.g. pdf, powerpoint format and make them available to other safety professionals.

All materials are fully credited to the authors and suppliers and not to web-safety.com. Anyone requiring these materials simply clicks on the download icon and they have it.

Please take time a check out this service and if you are interested in participating in 'Safety Exchange' simply send your materials to info@web-safety.com
#2 Posted : 27 September 2000 10:15:00(UTC)
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Posted By Keith

Sorry to hi-jack you posting but I'm just trying to find out what determines the position of a message within the forum. I can only assume that the ones with the most recent response appear at the top. If this is the case this hould appear at or near the top.

#3 Posted : 27 September 2000 11:25:00(UTC)
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Posted By Danny O'Donnell
Philip, Ciaran, (et al),
I feel that since your site is essentially a commercial concern, messages of this nature are in effect a (not very) subtle form of advertising, since the ultimate objective is to get as many hits as posssible and to sell a few more memberships and software items as a result. Perhaps you should declare your personal interests in future?
#4 Posted : 03 October 2000 09:29:00(UTC)
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Posted By Bill Hambelton

They are however offering a free service on their commercial site that currently IOSH do not offer.

regards bill
#5 Posted : 08 October 2000 12:15:00(UTC)
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Posted By Tim
Did your action here answer your concern?
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