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#1 Posted : 14 November 2000 20:45:00(UTC)
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Posted By David Brede I am trying to resolve a dispute regarding the need or otherwise for decontamination showers etc when undertaking the above work. This takes place outdoors in encapsulated environments to contain the dust particles. The workforce do not do this work all the time and have full cover PPE and breathing gear. Can anyone advise me how to determine at what level decontamination is required assuming that there is a level at which it becomes mandatory. Thanks
#2 Posted : 14 November 2000 21:30:00(UTC)
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Posted By Steve Armstrong As far as I'm aware there is no legal requirement for decontamination showers for this activity. I have recently finished working for a company who specialised in this activity and we never made prvision for this. The types of lead usually found in industrial paint are of the low solubility type and, therefore,should pose little or no risk from ingestion or skin absortion (the two main routes of Pb poisoning). A simple cleaning down procedure prior to leaving the enclosure with a vacuum should suffice in preventing the spread of contamination. The dust can then be disposed of as special waste via licensed contractor. There is certainly no mention of the above in the Control of Lead at Work Reg's or it ACoP. Just a word of advice re: CLW Reg's though. Many of these paints contain as much as 60% Pb concetration and can take you over the possible control of PB in air control limits so it's worth ensuring the CLW do not apply. I hope this helps.
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